Opya Completes Integrations 17x Faster with SnapLogic

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Opya transforms care for children living with autism, creating next-generation technologies to deliver more personalized and effective treatment plans. Driven by compassion and innovation, the company relies on technology to carry out its important work. 

But time-consuming manual integrations were draining limited resources and slowing Opya down. The care provider needed an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to enable automation, speed up service delivery, and ensure reliability. This would allow Opya’s engineers to spend more time, resources, and energy on developing features that improve patient care, rather than on manual, repetitive, low-value tasks. 

Using SnapLogic, Opya was able to: 

  • Save 1,000 hours on building, maintaining, and fixing API integrations in one year
  • Complete integration projects 17X faster
  • Put developer skills and time toward high-impact, patient-focused projects
  • Automate application integration workflows
  • Increase the reliability of its client-facing mobile app

With SnapLogic, a single Opya developer completes integration projects in less than a week — before it would have taken at least two developers up to 12 weeks to get it done, not to mention countless hours for maintenance. 

By speeding up integrations, Opya is able to streamline patient communication and scheduling, as well as other features on their mobile application used by clinicians and parents. Using SnapLogic, data flows seamlessly through Opya’s critical back-end systems, such as Amazon Redshift, Salesforce.com, and PostgreSQL application database. 

“Our priority as an engineering team is to design and build innovations that benefit the families we serve, not unnecessarily sink time into custom infrastructure,” said Opya’s VP of Engineering. “The speed with which SnapLogic allows us to complete an integration project aligns with that goal. SnapLogic frees developers on my team from having to think about integration. That means they can pursue projects that make a difference in the lives of the families we serve. It’s hard to put a price on that.”

Read Opya’s full story here. 

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