Powering Cooperative Benefits Group’s Infrastructure with a Lean IT team

Founded in 2019, Cooperative Benefits Group (CBG) is a startup healthcare company with the goal of providing pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and clinical pharmacy services to businesses that prefer owning their PBM and pharmacy experience.

Prior to launching the business to the public, CBG needed to build its IT infrastructure to create the foundation where CBG’s clients have full access to all data and gain control over their own PBM. The team had an aggressive timeline building out the entire IT infrastructure with only a 1.5 person IT team. The IT team needed to connect over 30 applications within 4 months. 

The IT team quickly sought an integration platform that could help them fill this tall order. They evaluated a handful of integration solutions by testing the same integration use cases and selected SnapLogic as their integration platform as a service (iPaaS) of choice. The team chose SnapLogic for its ease of use; low-code, configurable integration approach; vast selection of pre-built connectors; automation capabilities; and other core enterprise-grade capabilities that could help their IT organization scale in the future. 

Since building its infrastructure in record time, the company has expanded its use cases for SnapLogic to include APIs, bots, and CI/CD automation. The IT organization continues to build out their core areas of IT to support the company by testing out new ideas and scaling out with SnapLogic. 

Read the full Cooperative Benefits Group case study here

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