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In the February 2018 release, SnapLogic introduced support for Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) to complement the RabbitMQ and JMS message queuing system support already available in the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform.

Queueing systems enable powerful event-driven solutions that result in greater levels of performance and solution resiliency. Further, message queues enable a decoupled/loosely coupled architecture that supports a highly distributed solution.

In the past year, SnapLogic’s customers have created exciting, mission critical, and highly scalable solutions with message queues. While our customers have been able to use the JMS Snaps with Amazon SQS in the past, the February 2018 release of the Amazon SQS Snap Pack delivers higher performance that takes greater advantage of the Amazon SQS service.

The SnapLogic Amazon SQS Snap Pack includes the SQS Consumer, SQS Acknowledge, and SQS Producer Snap, providing you with the complete set of capabilities to build robust distributed solutions.

The Amazon SQS Snap Pack features:

  • Support for Standard and FIFO Amazon SQS Queues
  • IAM Roles
  • Fine-grained Message Buffer Control
  • Auto-acknowledge in SQS Consumer Snap
  • Explicit acknowledge with SQS Acknowledge Snap

Image: The pipeline shown above shows a simple use case using Amazon SQS and Amazon Redshift Snaps

For more information about the SnapLogic Amazon SQS Snap Pack, read the Amazon SQS Snap Pack documentation.

For our customers who have chosen Amazon AWS as their public cloud platform of choice, the introduction of the Amazon SQS Snap Pack will allow for optimized solutions deployed in the Amazon cloud. It will allow customers to get up and running more quickly since Amazon SQS is a managed service offering from Amazon and can be spun up quickly without the hassle of installation or maintenance of a packaged solution.

The combination of SnapLogic and Amazon SQS opens the door for a globally distributed, highly scalable, and high-performance application and data integration solutions to drive your innovation.

That’s it for today. Have a great day in the cloud and happy snapping.

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