SnapLogic February 2018 Release: Power Meets High Performance

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Today we’ve announced the general availability of SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Release 4.12. As enterprises need to deliver digital initiatives faster, we continue to expand and update our powerful, high-performance platform on a quarterly basis.

Self-service and performance updates

This release includes a particular emphasis on our powerful “self-service” capabilities and improved pipeline execution performance. Citizen developers and integrators who need to deliver connected data, apps, and IoT devices faster will be just as excited as we are about our new and improved capabilities in the following areas:

  • Iris AI – We’ve added a neural network algorithm to Iris AI to fuel our Integration Assistant, providing suggestions that are significantly more accurate than in previous releases.
  • Recycle bin – We’ve rolled out a new Recycle Bin that lets Org Admins retrieve deleted pipelines and tasks. After deleting, they are moved to the Recycle Bin. Users can restore them from the Recycle Bin within 30 days of deletion.
  • Selectable update window – We’re making it easier for Platinum support customers to avoid any disruption in projects underway during the announced timeframe for a release update. Starting with the 4.13 release, Platinum support customers will be able to choose when they update within a one-month window in all subsequent releases.
  • Expression language optimization – We’ve optimized evaluating expressions during pipeline executions. Not only has the time been reduced for users waiting for pipeline executions but also the cost has been reduced for memory allocation.
  • Autonomous pipeline executions – We’re now giving users access to data for deriving business insights quicker with reduced latency during pipeline execution. Users can now execute pipelines instantly with a single call to the control plane rather than conducting a call for each interaction.

Augmented support for our technology partners 

Our technology partners continue to help our customers thrive in any digital ecosystem that makes up their business. We make sure that connectivity to our SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform is easy to use and scales well to the most up-to-date environments.

Amazon Web Services

We continue to build our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and extend our support to the Amazon ecosystem. In previous releases, we added and enhanced support for many of the products in AWS, including Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and more.

In working closely with customers in each release, we’ve seen an upward trend where customers are strategically investing in AWS, folding them into their enterprise-wide, data initiatives. When you’re using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) as your message queuing service, you can now use our new Snap Pack for Amazon SQS.

New Snap Pack – Amazon SQS

The Amazon SQS Snap Pack includes Producer, Consumer, and Knowledge Snaps for message queuing support to help you process large volumes of messages that might need to be queued before processing.


Reltio is a longtime partner with SnapLogic, the leading Master Data Management solution. With the power of Reltio and SnapLogic together, enterprises gain better insights gleaned from consistent data from disparate systems and applications.

Enhanced Snap Pack – Reltio Snap Pack

We have updated the Reltio Snap Pack with performance improvements to help customers integrate their Reltio applications and gain the insights they need derived from Reltio.

Continuing our partnership, we are a Gold sponsor at Reltio’s Modern Data Management Summit in San Francisco on February 26-27. Join our integration experts at the “From The Trenches: Enterprise Data Organization” panel, who will share best practices on how to turn data into business results. And stop by our booth to learn how Reltio and SnapLogic have helped organizations across industries draw better business decisions and uncover opportunities with their data, and explore how you can harness the power of your data, too.

More new and improved Snaps

With each release, we add more new Snaps and enhance existing Snaps to keep up with the pace of our customer’s digital transformation initiatives. 

Now more than ever, any citizen integrator who needs to integrate data from almost any technology end point source to any target will have a competitive edge in today’s digital world by using SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

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