Real-time Data Insights Increase Business Value While Optimizing Customer Satisfaction at Siemens

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Three leaders from different Siemens subsidiaries joined our technology panel at our recent EMEA Enterprise Integration Summit. Although the panelists were from different subsidiaries, they had a common goal. Each leader from Siemens Energy, Siemens Digital Industries (DI), and Siemens Healthineers shared with us how they mobilize data across systems so their customers (internal and external) can make mission-critical decisions in real-time, through digital transformation. 

Boosting performance with data automation at Siemens Digital Industries

Sales, logistics, and product teams at Siemens DI did not have confidence in their reporting and analyses to make the right business decisions. They routinely experienced a 2-3 week latency in obtaining the data they needed, and the data was already obsolete by the time it was available for analysis. The delay was caused by the time needed to process high volumes of data in SAP. This was an increasingly problematic issue for regional sales teams, which was forcing them to make manual interventions to process orders correctly. To resolve this, Siemens DI used SnapLogic and Kafka to stream data in real-time instead of in batches so that teams would have up-to-date data for accurate sales and product reporting. 

In addition to getting fast access to data, integrators have increased their productivity by 5X, eliminating the need to build data pipelines with code. By using ready-to-use connectors and pre-built integration patterns, they can now assemble pipelines quickly or reuse what they have built before to deliver new projects to the business.

Siemens DI streams real-time data in SAP through SnapLogic and Kafka

Optimizing customer service at Siemens Healthineers

The customer service organization at Siemens Healthineers is committed to being ‘Always On, Always in Touch’ to support more than 120,000 customers worldwide. Prior to their digital transformation journey, the customer service organization stitched over 30 legacy systems together with point-to-point connections. These integrations provided limited visibility to customer data for the customer service organization, comprising over 10,000 employees including service engineers, application specialists, and healthcare consultants. They’d spend more time looking for the customers’ information across disparate sources, resulting in longer call times, which in turn increased costs per call and decreased customer satisfaction. Swift response to customer calls is key, as in many cases the customers (often healthcare providers) are calling in to get fast product support as they treat patients in real-time. 

The leadership team sought to transform the customer service organization so that they could operate more efficiently and effectively. They shared their plans to digitally transform customer service operations and processes with Siemens DI and Siemens Energy, and decided to implement SnapLogic based on the success seen by their peers. Instead of using point-to-point integrations, the organization used SnapLogic to orchestrate integrations and workflows so that customer service teams had accurate and complete information when servicing customers via web, phone, chat, or email. 

Siemens Healthineers before and after technology landscape

Siemens transforms itself over and over to stay ahead of its peers across multiple industries. Throughout the panel, the leaders at Siemens demonstrated the need to modernize technologies and processes in order to continually transform the business. By doing so, Siemens is more agile and efficient to meet their customers’ needs. It was evident in the panel that the comradery, communication, and collaboration amongst Siemens subsidiaries was key to their success. By sharing notes and best practices on digital transformation beyond their own organization, these leaders are empowering one another to consistently innovate, deliver business value, and move their respective organizations forward.

Missed the EMEA Enterprise Integration Summit? Watch the sessions on-demand. 

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Real-time Data Insights Increase Business Value While Optimizing Customer Satisfaction at Siemens

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