RedEye: Connected data powers a seamless marketing automation experience

Multi-channel marketing firm RedEye provides AI-powered marketing automation and customer data platforms that enable its clients to deliver highly targeted and personalized communications across a number of channels, including email, web, social, and direct mail.

RedEye’s clients depend on accurate, real-time data to effectively reach and engage their customers, yet this data is often trapped in siloed apps and disconnected data sources. RedEye uses SnapLogic to integrate these disparate systems with its Customer Data Platform, harnessing the power of clients’ customer data across multiple touchpoints in order to deliver a seamless omnichannel marketing automation experience.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How RedEye is using SnapLogic to integrate and access disparate customer data sources — from various cloud platforms, databases, storage systems, and more — in order to provide data-driven intelligence back to their clients
  • How SnapLogic has helped RedEye significantly cut down on development time, with POCs now taking hours instead of days
  • How SnapLogic’s low-code, self-service, AI-powered integration platform enabled RedEye to get more people involved in the integration and development process, helping it accelerate results and scale across the organization

Scott Behles

Scott Behles is the Head of Corporate Communications at SnapLogic.

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