Thoughts on the Salesforce-MuleSoft acquisition

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the news that announced plans this week to buy MuleSoft for approximately $6.5 billion. I see this deal as a huge validation for the integration market generally, and it represents a tremendous opportunity for SnapLogic to expand our business and cement our position as the leading provider of self-service application and data integration software. Here are a few of my initial thoughts on this acquisition:

No platform is an island

Integration is the watchword for our industry today. Enterprises must be able to link all their applications and data to ensure information can flow freely throughout their business. Only then can they leverage the tremendous power of analytics, not to mention take advantage of the latest innovations around AI and machine learning, IoT, and what’s next to come. This means no technology platform can exist as an island. Technology providers must provide links between their own solutions and those of other vendors in order to break down silos and encourage data sharing and innovation. This is what we have long focused on at SnapLogic, and that’s why this acquisition is a huge validation of our strategy and our offerings in the market.

It’s a hybrid, multi-cloud world

No technology solution can exist solely in the cloud or within the corporate data center. Virtually every large enterprise today is pursuing a hybrid cloud model, leveraging the public cloud for cost-efficiency and speed of innovation, yet keeping some applications on-premises where they feel their sensitive data is most secure. Many are also building applications across multiple public clouds. Having the ability to connect all sources of data across these different environments is critical to their success. I believe this is part of the rationale for the Salesforce acquisition, and it is one of the areas SnapLogic excels at today.

Neutrality is everything

As enterprises seek to link their applications and data in this environment, they need an integration solution that is not tied to and does not favor any one platform or architecture. This is where I see tremendous opportunity for SnapLogic to accelerate our leadership and expand our customer base. We will be the sole independent provider supporting all platforms and applications without favor, providing assurance to enterprises that their integration strategies will not be constrained or limited in the future.

This is an exciting time to be in our industry. Businesses have more opportunity than ever to leverage the power of data to increase efficiency, make smarter business decisions quickly and provide richer services for their customers. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring!

Former CSO at SnapLogic
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