September 2022 Release Is Here!

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The September 2022 release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform brings a new look and feel across the Designer, Manager, and Dashboard; enhances AutoPrep functionality; improves API creation on SnapLogic; and many more!

Let’s look at those updates a bit more closely.

Refreshed Designer

SnapLogic Designer UI now has a refreshed look to improve your productivity and help you easily find things on the Designer Canvas.

  • Canvas functions have been moved out from the toolbar to the canvas
  • Toolbar section features buttons that are most frequently used. Rest of the buttons are available by expanding the toolbar.
  • Most actions from the header have been moved to a dropdown menu
  • Move and delete actions on a pipeline are now only available in a Manager.
  • And a brand new API section lists out APIs in your org for easy reuse
Key UI Enhancements in September 2022 Release
Figure 1: Key UI Enhancements in September 2022 Release

To learn more about the redesigned UI, please check out the documentation.

AutoPrep Enhancements

AutoPrep, the automatic and guided data preparation now has additional features. In addition to flattening incoming structures, removing fields, and changing data types, AutoPrep now also supports rule-based handling of null and missing values. You can either ignore the null values or replace them with a customer input, all without writing a single line of code.

Setting rules for handling null values in AutoPrep
Figure 2: Setting rules for handling null values in AutoPrep

Metrics Page in Studio

SnapLogic Studio is available to all users as a Preview and we continue to add more functionality every month. With the September release, we are adding a new Metrics page in the ‘Analyze’ section of the Studio to identify trends in the runtime behavior of a Snaplex node. The Metrics page allows you to troubleshoot performance issues, zoom in and out of the charts, and get details on pipeline executions that can spike memory, disk. CPU utilization, among other metrics so that you can pinpoint the root cause faster.

New Metrics page in SnapLogic Studio to identify runtime trends
Figure 3: New Metrics page in SnapLogic Studio to identify runtime trends

API Creation and Lifecycle Enhancements

We have added a few capabilities that will help you seamlessly manage API lifecycle. As you evolve your APIs by creating different versions, you can move assets from one version to the next. You can also move assets from Projects in Manager to API versions. 

Additionally, if you are creating an API with the Design First methodology, you can create API from existing project assets that can include an OpenAPI specification along with the pipeline implementations.

To learn more about the September 2022 updates of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, please check out the release notes.

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september 2022 release is here

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