SnapLogic Closes out 2019 as a G2Crowd Leader in Two Markets

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As we reach the end of the year and start to look forward to 2020, this is always a great time to reflect. And since we are driven by our customers’ success, we here at SnapLogic like to reflect on how we have helped our customers growth and accomplish incredible things. This process is made a lot easier thanks to product review platforms like G2Crowd, which houses authentic feedback from our customers. Looking back at our customer feedback, it’s great to see that the overwhelming majority of our feedback is positive. So much so that we are a Leader in both the iPaaS and Big Data Integration Grids that published today. 

For those who are unfamiliar with how G2Crowd creates these reports, they benchmark customers’ product reviews against various publicly available metrics on company growth like the company’s Twitter followers and headcount on LinkedIn.

But what matters the most is the reviews customers leave. You can read all our reviews on our profile page, and below are some that published this past quarter. Feel free to scroll through them:

SnapLogic reviews sourced by G2

We’ve been on the G2Crowd platform for a little over a year and one thing that has struck me is how our customers are all unique. They come from different industries, have different challenges and tasks they need to accomplish. What I found consistent, however, is that they all have similar values: they want tools that are simple to use yet very capable; they value their time and don’t want to spend it managing cumbersome pipelines; they don’t want clunky, out of date tools to work with. It’s fantastic to read how we’ve been able to deliver what they value and how we have been able to positively impact their lives in some way.

As you read through our customer reviews and are left wondering how we can help you achieve the same success, consider giving our product a try for free or requesting a demo. Next year we are looking forward to helping even more customers with their integration journeys. Hope to see you there too.

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at SnapLogic
Category: Integration

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