When Two Are Better Than One – SnapLogic Now the Most Advanced Visionary in the Latest iPaaS MQ

Dayle Hall
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Snaplogic is the leading Visionary in Gartner’s 2024 Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). That’s a fact. But because two are better than one, what makes this more sweet of a result is the fact that we are also a leading visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. Two is better than one, it’s a two-fer, a bo-go, double 20/20 vision, or whatever analogy you love for more is better!

If you can’t wait to see it, get the iPaaS report hot off the press: get the full report here.

It’s that time of year when our analyst friends are publishing new reports by the truckload to help buyers make tough enterprise purchasing decisions. I am not one of those people who constantly bemoan the analyst community because I recognize they have a tough job and they are in a unique position with a lot of pressure from deadlines and vendors. It’s fair to say that we don’t always see eye to eye, and we (and they) are OK with that. Regardless, we have forged our plan and product with a goal of defining the future of integration, led by the new wave of AI capabilities. We call it Generative Integration. And Gartner seems to be on board with that.

I am confident our positive movement this year is, in part, a credit to being first to market with multiple, innovative generative integration solutions and to our customers, for sharing their stories of transformation through these solutions. It’s exciting for me to see these two quadrant results, because it proves that a single platform that can handle data, applications and has generative AI embedded, is the future of integration. So let’s take a deeper look.

GenAI is all the rage, and we got there first

Generative AI was cited frequently and often in the report, as the trailblazing technology has raised awareness among end users of the possibilities of AI-augmented integration delivery.

“We anticipate that these new capabilities will have a significant impact with regards to democratization of integration across the enterprise as end users get their hands on the technology throughout 2024.”

Gartner, 2024 Magic Quadrant for iPaaS report

SnapLogic believes this contributes significantly to the growth of the iPaaS market, which according to Gartner, “The integration platform as service (iPaaS) market demonstrated a strong growth rate of 37.6% in 2022, reaching $6.5 billion in revenue.”

What makes SnapLogic a Visionary?

The SnapLogic platform is designed to meet the integration needs of the modern enterprise, and our vision is making the future possible now.

According to Gartner’s selection criteria, an analysis of SnapLogic’s completeness of vision and ability to execute led to our ranking as most advanced on the Product Vision axis among Visionary vendors. This is what it boils down to:

1. We are innovating – and it’s resonating with customers, partners, even Gartner!

In less than a year, we’ve added innovative features to accelerate and simplify integration development. We’ve extended our AI portfolio with: 

  • SnapGPT, the first market available generative AI solution to assist and accelerate integration development
  • GenAI Builder, the first ever no-code, click-and-configure application development platform to develop LLM-powered automations and applications
  • AutoIDP, which uses AI to digitize and extract data and insights from business documents – called Intelligent Document Processing by Gartner and others (part of the GenAI Builder portfolio)

Our customers are already using us to transform formulae inside business documents to expressions in ERP systems and even subtitling video from one language to another. Yes, documents are data too, and all the expressive power and enterprise connectivity of SnapLogic gives greater value to our customers than any other integration product.

2. We are flexible – We have transparent, unlimited usage, pricing across any data source or application

We know how important it is to know what you’re paying for, which is why we are committed to providing pricing and tools to estimate costs. We’ve extended the marketplaces where the SnapLogic platform is available to include AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. 

Additionally, we use global, vertical and local partnerships to support more successful implementations and enable OEMs or ISVs to white-label and embed the SnapLogic iPaaS within their offerings. Also, humblebrag, we’re the ONLY vendor to have our OEM program called out as a Strength – go check them out and see how awesome they are.

Traditionally, data and application integration and business process automation have rested squarely in the IT realm for most organizations, but the constant pressure to connect data and activate automations comes from many business users. Generative AI has only been a catalyst. Why not allow for both technical and non-technical users to collaborate on these projects? We make it possible for our customers to boost productivity by offering pre-made connectors and templates for common applications and data sources, and have Pattern Catalogs for the most common processes across multiple industries.

Maybe this is why 94% of SnapLogic customers recommend SnapLogic for both iPaaS AND Data Integration.

Beyond the report: customers, partners, and community

While the recognition from Gartner is appreciated, the most rewarding part of doing a yearly assessment is seeing our customers. We also deepened our partnership with AWS this year, by being the first to market with a Claude-powered generative integration solution powered by Bedrock. And we introduced SnapLabs, a dedicated environment for the SnapLogic community to gain early access to cutting-edge solutions.

On behalf of the entire SnapLogic team, we are very grateful to Gartner for their recognition, and are poised to do great things in the next year. And as we are on the two is better than one theme, here is another of our fearless leaders with some inspiring words. Our CTO, Jeremiah Stone:

“SnapLogic is committed to delivering innovative solutions that take our customers’ enterprise  integration to new heights with generative AI. The SnapLogic platform is redefining what’s possible for data-driven organizations with best-in-class solutions that equip customers with AI-powered tools to integrate, automate, and orchestrate information faster and easier than ever before. This recognition validates the meaningful work our team does to deliver products that drive true business value to our customers.” Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer, SnapLogic

Well said Jeremiah. Well said.


Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
GenAI + Integration = Visionary

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