SnapLogic and Forrester: The ABCs of Digital Transformation

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The webcast we recently hosted with Forrester, Considerations for a Strategic Digital Transformation Road Map, not only explained the larger picture issues that many executives struggle with but it also gave a lot of practical examples of how any company can develop a strategic digital transformation plan. Dr. Paul Miller, a senior analyst from Forrester, and Diletta D’Onofrio, SnapLogic’s head of digital transformation (DX), explained that a strategy begins with treating data as the most important asset, which helps make your digital transformation strategic.

Diletta explained that the differences between digital transformation and strategic digital transformation will save millions of dollars in cost, avoid vendor lock in, give you the flexibility to start with small to large projects, and expand or downsize accordingly. She also explained the key to strategic digital transformation is the shifting, manipulating, and capturing of data. Specifically, there are four things you need to do with your data:

  • You must be able to acquire data from any source
  • You have to be able to manipulate data at any time
  • You must standardize the data to fulfill any requirements
  • You have to be able to interpret data for any person or business unit

If a company has a DX solution that allows them to achieve these four principles with their data, then it has the fluidity, flexibility, and ability to achieve its DX goals, from improving customer engagement, employee empowerment, or product transformation, to optimizing operations.

Diletta went on to explain how an iPaaS is the perfect “bedrock” solution to help you achieve the four principles of treating data as the ultimate resource. It’s not the end-all-be-all to all your DX needs, but iPaaS can serve as the foundation from which you can easily acquire, manipulate, standardize, and interpret data.

Next, Diletta shared details on how Box was able to successfully apply this approach to their infrastructure, which you can hear in detail via the recorded webcast (Considerations for a Strategic Digital Transformation Road Map). You can also read my first two blog posts, “Considerations for a strategic digital transformation road map” or “Forrester on digital transformation – Public cloud spending in hypergrowth.”

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