SnapLogic product and services now GDPR-compliant

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As the leader in self-service application and data integration, the protection of data is paramount to SnapLogic’s service. To continue delivering the best possible level of service, we want our customers to know that with recent updates to our data protection policy, our website, communications, and services, we can confirm compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 25, 2018.

The Enterprise Integration Cloud and GDPR Compliance

SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) is an entirely cloud-based platform running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The security behind it is comprised of a combination of policy, procedure, and technology spanning physical, network, infrastructure, platform, and data, ensuring that the data being transferred through the platform is always protected. This means SnapLogic neither observes, stores, nor directly interacts with any sensitive data as customers move it through the platform.

As customers connect their data to the EIC, SnapLogic’s Snaps leverage the endpoint security of whatever they’re connected to, such as an application, database, file, etc. Additionally, if the endpoint supports data encryption, Snaps can be configured to send and receive encrypted data. This means the security of data as it moves through the platform is in the customer’s control at all times, as it is always under the same security parameters the customer has defined within their business.

While SnapLogic does not store any customer data within the platform, metadata does reside in the platform, and under GDPR regulations some metadata will soon be classed as personal data. The metadata stored by SnapLogic is stored in compliance with a wide range of existing regulations, both for geographic regions and individual industries, and the company has subsequently ensured that the storage of this metadata for all clients is also in line with GDPR regulation. You can check out more EIC security information on our Security Compliance webpage.

From SnapLogic CEO and founder, Gaurav Dhillon:

“With data becoming more and more valuable to people and organizations everywhere – most of whom have nothing but good intentions but some who may have nefarious intent – legislation such as GDPR will go a long way to ensuring that privacy, securit, and compliance are top of mind when it comes to customer data of any type.”

We help customers all over the world integrate and migrate data sets, so we know that even without GDPR it’s crucial that data security and compliance is maintained at all times. SnapLogic upholds the highest security and compliance standards and believes that our customers should not compromise data integration with security and governance. Over the last year, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our customers will be able to continue to use our product without worry under the new GDPR regulations, in the same way,they have been able to do so under other compliance regulations.”

Other communications

Internally, SnapLogic has also reviewed its data protection policy in line with the new GDPR regulations. Whether you visit our website, sign up for a SnapLogic webcast, request a customer demo, or download a white paper, you will be able to opt-in or out of sharing information with us either at the time of sign-up or after the fact. You can refer to our Terms of Use and our Privacy and Cookie policy for more info.

Bottom line, your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. For updates in the future, please refer to our Terms of Use and our Privacy and Cookie policy at any time.

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