The Integration of Things

internet-of-things-cloudCheck out this new whitepaper from THINKstrategies:

The Integration Implications of the Internet of Things in a Connected World: 

Why Application and Data Integration is Even More Important, and Why it Demands a More Modern Approach

Here’s an excerpt:

“The promise of the ?Internet of Things?, combined with the growing demand for more efficient and seamless business processes, are driving escalating demands for more flexible, powerful and cost-effective integration capabilities. THINKstrategies believes a new set of integration platforms and tools are necessary to satisfy these escalating needs. This whitepaper will explain how a new generation cloud-based integration solutions that can address both simple and complex enterprise IT requirements can fill this void, and make it possible to reap the business benefits of today?s connected world.”

The paper reviews specific integration scenarios for and what we’re referred to as “The Internet of Connected Customers and Things.” It reviews cloud integration use cases for the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud and concludes:

“The increasing prevalence of cloud-based applications is driving the need to address new multidimensional integration challenges of today?s connected world. Cloud-oriented integration solutions promise simpler connectivity between cloud applications and data sources. They can also focus on the application integration issues associated with enterprise application integration (EAI) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration tooling to pull together on-premise applications in real-time at relatively smaller volumes. Cloud integration solutions can also address data-centric extract, transform and load (ETL) requirements to build and maintain enterprise data warehouses (EDW) and run large batches of data.”

You can download the paper here. Jeff Kaplan also wrote about the new paper on his blog.

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