Top Five iPaaS and Big Data Integration Posts in June

top 5June was a record month on the SnapLogic blog in terms of views and posts – thanks to our readers and contributors! If you have suggested topics, feedback or are interested in writing a post about hybrid cloud and big data integration, digital transformation, SnapLogic best practices, tips and tricks, or other related topics, please be sure to Contact Us or share your comments below.

1. Real-Time HR Onboarding with Enterprise iPaaS

A step-by-step overview of how Workday customers can accelerate the onboarding of new employees with the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform by Naveen Ganapathiraju. Naveen is a Sr. Professional Services Engineer who has worked with many Workday customers.

2. 10 Modern Data Integration Requirements

As featured in Database Trends and Applications, we list 10 requirements that you should look for in a modern data integration platform. These requirements were created by Viakom Krishnan, SnapLogic’s VP of Engineering. The blog post features a popular summary on Slideshare that you can view here.

3. Democratizing the Data Lake: The State of Big Data Management in the Enterprise

We recently hosted a webinar with Constellation Research about the emerging commercial and open-source options designed to work with Hadoop and make big data lakes more accessible and value-driving for the average enterprise. You can watch the recorded webinar here.

4. Big Data Ingestion Patterns

When ingesting data into the data lake, a key consideration is to determine how to organize data and enable consumers to access that data. Prasad Kona, author of this post, is a Big Data Enterprise Architect and part of the big data integration team at SnapLogic. He explains the necessary steps for moving data into the data lake.

5. SnapLogic Travels to San Francisco to Spark Summit 2016

The SnapLogic big data team recently traveled to Spark Summit 2016 to learn what’s new in the the Spark world. Tim Likarish, a SnapLogic Sr. Software Engineer, lists out his thoughts and experiences from the conference.

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