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Whether it’s a need to fill a few minutes between meetings or something to challenge your mind, we all seem to find an app to keep us occupied. This past year, very few of us escaped the Wordle band wagon.

It’s one thing to play it on your own for your own gratification, but competing against others brings it to another level. When someone asked who was playing in our company Slack channels and we found we had a decent following, we created a channel in which to post our daily results, with the understanding to not spoil the answer. At first, we would see the daily results come in and emojis were handed out to those who did well or to commiserate with those that did not.

wordle graphic in slack

Somewhere along the way, we wanted to know how we were doing overall. That’s where a SnapLogic pipeline came in. One of our engineers built a pipeline to scrape the chat history of the #wordle channel in Slack, parse the shared scores, aggregate and sort the statistics, and then write them to a Google Sheet. If he had to hand code or install some other software to build the leaderboard, he likely would not have done it. Using a pipeline, made it easy.

wordle pipeline

As the pipeline pattern custodian for the past several years, I see this as something to repurpose to cover a variety of use cases. We have multiple Slack channels that receive information from various sources like trial signup information from Marketo or audit information from the platform. I could collect information on failed login attempts into the trial and alert the sales rep that a lead is repeatedly having issues logging in. They can then reach out to the user to help figure out the issue they are encountering.

Regardless of the content you write into a Slack channel, you can use a SnapLogic pipeline to gather information, filter or aggregate the data, and send it off to various endpoints. Start with one use case and expand it to others. That’s the beauty of reusing pipelines and we don’t just build them, we use them ourselves.

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