What to Look for in a Modern Integration Platform

Simplified_iPaaS_GraphicRecently we wrote about 4 critical integration platform as a service (iPaaS) requirements that must not be ignored. As we connect with more and more CIOs and enterprise IT organizations who are in the midst of re-imagining their approach to data and application integration (as well as API management), we?re increasingly talking about the new Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACT) iPaaS requirements. Here?s a summary of what we at SnapLogic believe are the essential ingredients for a fast, multi-point and modern connectivity platform:

  1. Fully-Functional Cloud-based Service (based on a Software-Defined Architecture)
  2. Single Platform for Big Data, Application and API Integration
  3. Elastic Scale
  4. Built on Modern Standards (REST, JSON)
  5. Broad Cloud and On-Premises Connectivity (we call these Snaps)
  6. Self-Service for Citizen Integrators

In this series of posts we’ll review each of these modern integration requirements and summarize why we believe they?re so important to the overall success of your journey to the cloud. We’ll also review the Integrator’s Dilemma and why we don’t believe traditional on-premises ESB and ETL tools will cut it in the SMACT era. (Buses and Bulldozers Don’t Fly!) If you?re not sure you have a need for a cloud integration platform, the presentation below might help you get started. You may also be interested in attending our webinar next week with SnapLogic customer iRobot to learn about specific use cases and see a live demonstration.

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