Why Same Old, Same Old Won’t Cut It for Big Data Integration

BigData_webinar_Graphic“By running natively on Hadoop, SnapLogic delivers powerful application and data integration and extends thee reach, performance and utilization of big data platforms.”

– Greg Benson, Chief Scientist at SnapLogic

Hadoop. Hive. MapReduce. Spark. As the organizing principles of managing big (and small) data are in the midst of being re-written, there continues to be a lot of confusion in the market. What role will traditional extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tools play when it comes to big data analytics? Greg Benson is our in-house expert on all things big data, Hadoop, MapReduce and more and will be joining the SnapLogic team of data integration experts next week on Friday, November 7th for a webinar to discuss why the same old tools won’t cut it in the new world of big data and various integration needs.

In the webinar we’ll be talking about what’s new, what’s hot and what’s happening when it comes to accessing, preparing and delivering big data for a wide variety of use cases. We’ll also feature trends in the market, what’s changing and the impact of Spark (with mention of our new capabilities using the Sparklex). Lastly, we’ll review some of the use cases we’re seeing for a more flexible integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that can handle multiple styles of ingesting, synchronizing and transforming big data sources and dive into our latest platform demonstrations.

We recommend that you check out this webinar if you’re an Information Architect, Big Data Practitioner, Data Warehouse Architect, Business Analyst or BI Practitioner. Register here and we looked forward to discussing big data integration more next week!

Category: Integration
Topics: Big Data iPaaS

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