SnapLogic Delivers Big Data as a Service, Continues “Hadoop for Humans” Journey

SnapLogic Delivers Big Data as a Service, Continues “Hadoop for Humans” Journey

SnapLogic Announces Certification on Cloudera; Helps Enterprises Go from Big Interactions to Big Insights in Hours with New Pre-Built Big Data-as-a-Service Solution

San Mateo – Feb 25, 2013 – SnapLogic, the leader in enterprise cloud integration, today announced another significant product innovation that delivers "the missing link” of big data by getting data in and out of Hadoop, or any other big data target, as fast as possible.  Leveraging new Cloudera certification, SnapLogic’s Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) solution provides not only data access but also data logging for Hadoop.  What’s key is that this innovation helps customers achieve Big Data-as-a-Service without needing a complement of data science experts on staff.

“Big Data is broken without integration,” says Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “Big Data involves interplay between different data management approaches and business intelligence and operational systems, which makes it imperative that all sources of business data be integrated efficiently and that organizations be able to easily adapt to new data types and sources.”  He continues, “With the variety, velocity and volume of big data being part of today’s information architecture, and the potential for big data to be a source to feed other systems, integration should be a top priority.”

Enterprises globally are adopting SnapLogic as their standard for integrating enterprise business applications both on-premises and in the cloud. SnapLogic’s Big Data-as-a-Service solution offers business leaders the capability to easily integrate Hadoop data with many other data sources, including leading business intelligence solutions, for more effective decision-making.

“We have a vision for enterprise cloud integration and this vision is unfolding this year through a series of new product innovations targeted at solving the most compelling integration problems of distributed computing — including partnerships and solutions like Big Data-as-a-Service,” said Gaurav Dhillon, founder and CEO of SnapLogic.  “Business leaders need insights to remain competitive, which is driving them to prospect for Big Data ‘gold.’ They need help filtering the signal from the noise amidst all the social and machine data out there, but don’t want to waste time on standing up the hardware, configuring the software, and manually coding point-to-point solutions.”

“Integration is a critical component of getting just the right data from places like Hadoop into business intelligence tools that business people can use, and SnapLogic quickly powers any Big Data app a customer wants to experiment with,” added Dhillon.

“Building a cluster from the ground up to run an Apache Hadoop cluster can be challenging. There are numerous choices to be made at all levels of the stack, and making those choices can be very complicated. The Cloudera Certified Technology program is designed to make those choices easy and reliable,” said Tim Stevens, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Cloudera. “We’re committed to helping enterprises achieve the most from their Big Data initiatives, and we’re pleased that SnapLogic has completed the certification of their BDaaS solution on CDH4.”

SnapLogic’s BDaaS solution offers:

  • Comprehensive connectivity to Hadoop, now certified for leading big data analytics platform Cloudera.
  • Pre-built Snaps for HBase, Hive, and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), allowing any knowledge worker to easily input and output data to or from Hadoop so they can meet the requirements of a diverse set of applications leveraging the data, such as business intelligence tools like Birst.
  • Additional pre-built connectivity to over 150 different data sources that can easily be loaded into Hadoop, including on-prem apps, social media, mobile and machine data.

“Birst’s multi-tenant business intelligence platform automates data management tasks, reducing the complexity and speeding up the deployment of big data solutions," said Rick Spickelmier, chief technology officer at Birst. "SnapLogic’s Birst Snap connects Birst to Hadoop or Hive, resulting in faster connectivity and visualization for our customers. This allows them to get the answers they need, when they need them.”

This evening, SnapLogic will be hosting a networking event and cocktails at Morton’s Steakhouse in San Jose toasting the opening of the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference and fostering business discussions and demonstrating their Big Data as a Service solution. Those interested in attending should contact [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

SnapLogic’s innovative Big Data-as-a-Service solution allows any knowledge worker to easily input and output data to or from Hadoop so a diverse set of applications can leverage the data for business insight.

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