SnapLogic Introduces the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform

Latest innovations usher in new IT era – a unified platform providing intelligent workflows across application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects

SAN MATEO, Calif. — November 14, 2018 — SnapLogic today announced it has extended its leading integration platform with new AI-powered intelligent workflows automating all stages of IT integration projects – design, development, deployment, and maintenance. These intelligent workflows, coupled with SnapLogic’s self-service user experience, simplify and accelerate projects across application integration, data integration, and data engineering.

Today, SnapLogic announces:

  • SnapLogic Data Science, a new self-service solution to accelerate the development and deployment of machine learning with minimal coding.
  • New API management capabilities enabling full API lifecycle management and automating API traffic control, developer management, advanced analytics, threat detection, and more.
  • New B2B integration capabilities enabling customers to automate key business processes with external partners and create a standard method for communicating and exchanging information about business activities with suppliers, partners, and customers.
  • New Data Catalog capabilities providing organizations improved data governance by enabling better visibility and transparency into their data.

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Bringing Intelligent Workflows to Data Engineering Projects

SnapLogic was first to apply powerful AI capabilities to application and data integration, and with today’s introduction of SnapLogic Data Science, the company again breaks new ground by extending its platform to bring intelligence-powered integration workflows to data engineering and data science projects. Now, IT, data engineers, and data science teams can achieve higher productivity by leveraging a visual, drag-and-drop interface to rapidly build and deploy end-to-end machine learning models with minimal coding.

[To learn more about SnapLogic Data Science, read the separate press release also issued today.]

With the addition of SnapLogic Data Science, organizations now have a complete, self-service platform to manage a diverse range of application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects — key for CIOs and IT teams who seek to standardize on a single integration platform across the enterprise to drive productivity and efficiencies.

Consider a common challenge for airlines – reducing incidents of lost passenger luggage. When a passenger bag goes missing, first the airline must cross-reference several applications and systems to find the missing bag, a typical application integration task. Then, the airline might load this lost bag incident into a cloud data warehouse to run analytics on it, and compare it amongst other lost bag cases, to determine why this latest bag was lost, a traditional data integration task. Finally, with key learnings identified and analyzed, the airline might then build machine learning algorithms to automatically predict when and where the next bag might be lost, a data science task. SnapLogic can manage all of these integration processes on a single, intelligent platform, eliminating the need for CIOs and IT teams to manage multiple integration platforms.

Similarly, organizations can leverage intelligent workflows across application integration, data integration, and data engineering to apply predictive models to solve pressing challenges across the business. For example, HR leaders can predict and then work to prevent employee churn, sales and marketing can spot unhappy customers and resolve issues before they escalate, and security teams can bring multiple data streams together to prevent or mitigate security threats or violations. Doing so on a single, unified integration platform boosts productivity while reducing costs.

“Modern CIOs and IT decision-makers want to assemble and orchestrate a custom, best-of-breed application environment that best suits their unique strategy, what we refer to as building an ‘ERP of One,’” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic. “To do this right, in a cost-effective way that will also scale, CIOs require a single, self-service integration platform with baked-in intelligence that will handle all of their complex application, data, and machine learning integration projects. Our customers expect us to push the boundaries around how intelligent integration can simplify and accelerate their transformation initiatives, and we’re incredibly proud to deliver our latest breakthrough platform innovations.”

“As a leader in commodities, our success is contingent on simple and secure access to real-time, quality data,” said Chris Throop, Global Head of Data Science at CCI. “Data powers our business from physical and financial trading, to logistics optimization, to infrastructure development and we lean on our trusted data partners to ensure our global teams are working from a single source of truth across all our initiatives. We standardized on SnapLogic as the engine behind our mission-critical enterprise-wide data warehouse due to the ease of use, broad range of capability, and superior performance of its platform.”

New Innovations in November 2018 Platform Release

In addition to SnapLogic Data Science, the November 2018 Release of the SnapLogic platform introduces a number of new and enhanced capabilities, including API management, B2B integration, and data catalog additions.

“Our team at Boston University is looking forward to leveraging the new functionality in the latest release of the SnapLogic platform, particularly the new API management additions, enhancements to the Runtime Archive, and the new Machine Learning Snap Pack,” said Carmine A. Granucci, assistant director of integration at Boston University. “We are continually impressed with how SnapLogic collaborates with us on new enhancements to their platform which helps drive success in our projects.”

New capabilities in the November 2018 Release include:

  • API Management: new API management capabilities allow organizations to build out a digital ecosystem for internal and external parties to derive value from their APIs. Internal parties, such as employees, can satisfy new use-cases leveraging existing APIs, while external parties, including partners and customers, can gain access to the organization’s APIs to achieve their business goals. As a result, organizations have a better way to manage the full lifecycle of their APIs. SnapLogic API Management helps organizations with API traffic control, developer management, advanced analytics, threat detection, and more. Enterprises have previously benefited from the SnapLogic platform’s ability to create APIs without the need for hand-coding APIs whenever integrations are needed. Now, organizations can maximize the use of these APIs across the organization so that employees, partners, and customers can use them without having to recreate those APIs from scratch.
  • B2B Integration: new B2B integration capabilities enable customers to automate key business processes with external partners and create a standard method for communicating and exchanging information about business activities with suppliers, partners, and customers. For example, traditionally onboarding trading partners is a long, complex process where partners would have to alter the business processes they had in place as each trading partner was likely to follow different document formats and protocols based on their specific industry. SnapLogic’s new B2B integration capabilities simplify this process, making it easy for integrators or line of business users to execute B2B integrations on their own without specialized tools or training. Organizations enjoy higher levels of productivity without the wait for B2B specialists to manage the process workflows and maintain legacy B2B integration solutions.
  • Data Catalog: this new capability improves data governance within the SnapLogic platform by providing customers better visibility and transparency into their organization’s data.

In addition, the latest release of SnapLogic’s integration platform includes new support for Workday Prism Analytics, new and enhanced Snaps for Snowflake, and new connectors for Hive.

[To read about these and other platform updates, visit the SnapLogic blog.]

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