SnapLogic Launches Elastic Integration™

Next Generation Product for the Era of “1,000 Apps in the Enterprise”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 19, 2013 – SnapLogic, the Elastic Integration company, today announced a major new release that drastically simplifies enterprise data and application integration in the cloud, in datacenters behind firewalls and between the two. In meeting the needs of all downstream users of enterprise integration and simplifying the skills needed to achieve robust integration, the latest release of SnapLogic changes the form factor for integration across the board.

“Enterprises have data that sits both on-premises and in the cloud. Integrating data across these two planes in a way that is fast, flexible, and scalable — by intelligently shipping functions, or data of any volume — no matter where the data resides, is a key requirement for enterprise cloud adoption,” said Gaurav Dhillon, founder and CEO of SnapLogic. “With Elastic Integration, citizen developers can now self-serve integration, while IT can curate and control access points through private SnapStores. Integration has never been so accessible and powerful.”

Available today, the newest version of SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration™ includes:

Three-Way Elasticity – Building on the innovations of prior releases, for enterprises integrating data from the cloud to on-premises systems, or between cloud applications, this major new release makes it productive and simple to scale out integrations to support increased data requirements in three ways:

  1. by scaling out on-premises to address enterprise applications that sit behind the customer firewall;
  2. scaling in the cloud to integrate data from cloud/SaaS apps; and,
  3. shipping functions elastically between on-premises and the cloud. This optimizes the speed of the integration execution by bringing compute to data rather than shipping data to compute.

Simple yet Powerful Designer – To help integration project owners and integration specialists save time, SnapLogic Designer provides a modern design experience via a single-paged HTML5 application. This zero-coding snap ‘n configure user experience provides high productivity to citizen developers and experienced integration developers alike. A Snap catalog within the Designer provides hundreds of core Snaps, and also integrates with the online marketplace SnapStore for add-on Snaps. This new Designer is fully functional on tablets and mobile browsers that support HTML5.

No Versioning Worries – SnapLogic provides a versionless, self-managed integration platform that provides elastic scale-out capabilities. Each tenant gets reserved compute power to get predictable performance at all times.

Integration Life-cycle Support – Now supports multiple environments for the integration development lifecycle that typically follows Development > QA > Staging > Production, with an option to create as many environments as needed.

100% Standards Based Security Model – To make security administration seamless, SnapLogic offers end-to-end security via stateless, in-memory data streaming, with support for HTTPS, SFTP, SOAP security, SAML and integration with SaaS-based SSO technologies.

Administration and Monitoring Console – Administrators are now able to perform user management tasks from literally any device using SnapLogic’s intuitive, browser-based user interface. This helps a central IT group maintain control over its enterprise integration layer, while providing flexibility for business groups to manage their own departmental integration projects.

Integration Governance – Integration teams benefit from Environment Documents that provide environment configuration and inheritance policies. This allows the separation of pipeline definition from its runtime environment and prevents risks associated with sharing login credentials and connectivity parameters.

Self-Service Curation and Control of Connectivity via SnapStore – an online marketplace with several categories of pre-built integrations, or a private SnapStore for customers who build integrations for custom applications that are pre-provisioned and curated for business users and departmental IT. The private SnapStore is essentially a center for governance and control of in-house integrations via pre-approved Snaps.

In addition, SnapLogic has expanded its SnapStore ecosystem over recent months, which now offers a rich library of over 150 intelligent data connectors for applications like Box, Eloqua, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, Workday and Splunk. New Snaps are available for Amazon Redshift, SAP IDocs, SAP Hana, SAP Solution Manager, Oracle EBS, BMC Atrium, VMware VCenter, Oracle Hyperion, Google Directory and Tableau. The SnapStore offers an open software development kit (SDK), making SnapLogic an ideal integration on-ramp to the cloud.

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SnapLogic is the leader in elastic integration, helping companies connect enterprise applications in the cloud for improved business agility and faster decision-making. With the award-winning SnapLogic Integration solution, organizations can more quickly and affordably achieve data integration and improve the timeliness of their information flow. SnapLogic offers a scalable elastic integration hub, a browser-based drag and drop visual designer, and a rich library of intelligent connectors called Snaps. Funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners, SnapLogic is used by prominent companies in the Global 2000. For more information, call +1.888.494.1570 or visit

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