Reimagine Integration

The rise of the digital enterprise is reshaping the enterprise application and data landscape. Digital initiatives are expected to deliver annual growth and cost efficiencies of 5 to 10 percent or more in the next three to five years, yet the technology and talent barriers to transformation remain substantial.

To address this challenge, the Enterprise Integration Cloud, a new integration category, reimagines integration to bring agility and self-service to hybrid, cloud, or on-premises environments. The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud empowers IT and business users to collaborate on an integrative foundation for today’s digital enterprise.

The Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) is reimagining integration in the context of new data flows, new users, new agile development processes, new platforms for computing, and a new hybrid landscape. Here are just some of the major benefits:

Overcome the hybrid integration challenge

Cloud apps and databases working with on-premises counterparts create a hybrid landscape with its own unique challenges.

Harmonize integration across apps, data, and IoT

Application integration, data integration, and the integration of things no longer need to be separate.

Keep pace with increasing volumes and variety of data

Get support for unstructured and structured data and pre-built connectivity to hundreds of data sources.

Provide an agile, no-code development environment

Application and data integration is historically a time-consuming and code-intensive activity dominated by a small group of experts.

Apply analytics and predictive intelligence

Employ predictive intelligence to provide business users with cues on the next logical integration step based on the similar activities of peers.

Provide a collaborative foundation for IT and business

Collaborative data integration ensures that IT and business users can work together on specific initiatives and across teams.

The Enterprise Integration Cloud

The Enterprise Integration Cloud

The Enterprise Integration Cloud:
A New Era of Integration

Enterprise applications and the data landscape are undergoing dramatic change. Download the white paper, “The Enterprise Integration Cloud” to learn about the EIC as a foundation to make the move, and to pick the right application integration technology solution.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Enterprise Integration Cloud

Based on working with thousands of large enterprises, we’ve identified the criteria critical for creating a sustainable integration foundation that supports enterprises in transition. Download the white paper “A comprehensive guide to the Enterprise Integration Cloud” to learn more about the 11 key criteria for selecting an enterprise integration platform that best meets the needs of your organization.

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