Enhanced Teradata support

The SnapLogic Fall 2016 release provides extended support for Teradata by adding several new Snaps to Teradata Snap Pack. The new Teradata TPT Fast Export Snap provides faster, easier and better integration with Teradata databases using Teradata Parallel Transporter Utility. Load and execute functions are also supported in this release via Teradata Fast Load Snap and Teradata Execute Snap, respectively.

Big Data Integration Updates:

Big Data Integration Updates:

Continuing our momentum to democratize big data, the Fall 2016 release brings several additions to core integration platform and Snap library.

  • Azure Data Lake Store support: Building on SnapLogic’s support for Azure Data Lake ( Spring 2016 release introduced support for Microsoft HDInsight), the Fall 2016 release includes support for integration with Azure Data Lake Store. Our existing Snaps (including HDFS writer/reader, File writer/reader, Directory Browser ) have been extended to support Azure Data Lake Store.
  • Enhanced Spark support: This release extends spark mode support to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage. Furthermore, several error diagnosis features have been added in spark mode (including pipeline validation and log fetching capabilities).
  • Hadooplex updates: Triggered tasks are now supported in Hadooplex (both via cloud URL or on-premises/Groundplex URL)

More on SnapLogic integration for big data here.

Introducing Snowflake Snap Pack

The Fall 2016 release introduces a new Snap Pack to support integrations with the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. The Snowflake Snap Pack provides comprehensive support for Snowflake, including the CRUD functions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) as well as bulk load and unload operations.

Using SnapLogic’s self-service platform, the library of 400+ Snaps and the new Snowflake Snap Pack, experts, ad hoc integrators and citizen integrators can seamlessly connect several on-premises and cloud based data sources and apps with Snowflake without any coding.

Security and Performance Updates:

SnapLogic is strongly committed to providing the best security features and performance to our customers.The Fall 2016 release adds support for IAM with Redshift, LDAP authentication for MongoDB and Kerberos support for Hive Snap Pack. This release also introduces a new Snap to bulk load data to MySQL and increases Box read performance by 3x using multithreading.

Integration Governance and Automation

The Fall 2016 release brings several usability enhancements for citizen integrators and administrators.

  • Pipeline features comparison: Any two pipelines can now be compared with a click of button.This enables customers to compare pipelines with different versions or entirely different pipelines.
  • Key management for enhanced account encryption: Ability to easily rotate keys associated with your organization.
  • Pipeline Queue Alerting: If scheduled pipelines are queued for more than a certain time, an alert is generated.
  • Selective project export: Customers can now selectively export assets from their project (by type e.g. pipelines, files, accounts,tasks).

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