Bringing Automation to

Automated processes from demand generation, marketing campaign management to lead nurture, routing, all in a single platform.

Leading Organizations Are Streamlining Their Marketing Operations with SnapLogic

Grow your prospect pipeline with less

SnapLogic platform helps you build automated processes that grow demand generation with lead synchronization, optimize and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels, nurture leads with customized content, and most importantly route leads to the right sales team.

Seamless Experiences Powered by Automated Processes

Unlock seamless experiences for marketing and sales, reduce data mismatches, errors, and unlock power of your marketing engine to uncover leads and nurture them into opportunities with custom content with one unified platform.

Build integrations without help from IT

Leverage our guided interface to discover endpoints and get to value faster with the help of AI-powered integration assistant, all without writing a single line of code.

500+ Pre-Built Connectors

Connect all your favorite applications (such as Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Drift, Eloqua) in minutes with the help of pre-built connectors - without the need to pour over API documentation or endpoint schemas.

Streamline Marketing Operations with Smarter Automation

Synchronize leads across systems, optimize marketing operations for a higher ROI

Lead Capture and Synchronization

Automate and accelerate lead capture from website visits, in-person events, email signups, and synchronize them across your marketing automation, CRM, and channel systems

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Marketing Campaign Reporting and Analytics

Optimize marketing campaigns with real time reporting and analytics across all your outreach channels such as digital, field, partner, etc.

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Lead Routing and Management

Increase ROI of your marketing efforts and ensure a seamless handoff by ensuring that leads are routed across your inside and field sales teams based on bespoke rules and managed effectively for higher conversion to opportunities

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

Automated Workflow for Your Entire Marketing Lead Lifecycle

Streamline marketing operations from lead discovery to sales handoff

Lead Categorization and Nurture

Categorize the leads based on company, job title and event and nurture the leads effectively with customized content

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Automated Data Cleansing and Ingestion

Automated, AI-driven lead data cleansing and ingestion into enterprise systems

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