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Lead Routing is a seemingly simple task of routing a lead to a sales representative based on criteria such as region, persona, industry, company size, etc. but because the sales organization where the leads are routed is often in flux, the task is actually complex. Cost of an incorrectly routed lead is high because it can lead to poor customer experiences such as a delayed response, duplicate responses and that directly affects the organization’s revenue performance.

With automated lead routing on the SnapLogic platform you can clean up leads to first enforce your enterprise’s standards, route leads using a prioritized list of rules, and handle exception effectively without sifting through the whole dataset. With SnapLogic, you also have a tool that can help you manage leads automatically, e.g. handle personnel changes effectively with automatic reassignment when a sales person leaves or when a new sales person joins, so that your sales team is leaving no stone unturned.

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Lead Routing and Management Flow

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Capture and sync leads quickly, route and manage them effectively, and fine-tune campaigns with real-time analytics.

Lead Capture and Synchronization

Faster lead capture and synchronization with automation

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Marketing Campaign Reporting and Analytics

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Lead Categorization and Nurture

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Building the Automated Enterprise

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