Marketing Campaign Reporting and Analytics

Optimize marketing investments with real-time reporting and analytics


Maximize marketing ROI with real-time reporting and analytics

Marketing teams today have a number of channels and a variety of asset and event types to expand the brand and product awareness, but not all of them perform equally. Without a real-time reporting and analytics mechanism, your marketing team is flying blind into a cloud of information with only their experience to guide them, which might not be relevant to their current situation.

The SnapLogic platform allows your marketing team to have a real-time view of how your marketing campaigns are performing. You can source data from your marketing automation systems, accounting systems, CRM systems, or flat files to get a holistic view of your campaign metrics and the results. Having this up to date view allows you to adjust your marketing investments or chart a new course based on past results for a higher ROI.

Transform your marketing reporting and analytics with smarter automation

Marketing Campaign Reporting and Analytics Flow

Design an Automated Workflow for all Marketing Activities

Capture and sync leads quickly, route and manage them effectively, and fine-tune campaigns with real-time analytics.

Lead Routing and Management

Faster lead routing and easier management with automation

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Marketing Campaign Reporting and Analytics

Optimize your marketing campaigns with real-time data and insights

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Lead Categorization and Nurture

Speed up lead categorization and customize nurture

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

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