Integration Platform.

Intuitive, connected, scalable integration for every user.

To compete in today’s world, enterprises must connect their data and applications and be able to do so efficiently and quickly. Automating the business processes, small and large, is the only way to achieve the speed and responsiveness required to meet today’s customer and employee expectations — for fast, accurate, and real-time results.

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is a powerful and flexible iPaaS designed to meet the modern enterprise’s integration needs, with an intuitive user experience that is powered by the AutoSuggest Integration Assistant. With a no code/low code approach, IT and business users can quickly and easily create integrations to drive business value, derive rich insights from data, and confidently improve customer experience.

Fast and easy integration for everyone. The SnapLogic iPaaS includes 700+ pre-built connectors, called Snaps and pre-built end-to-end integrations, called templates, for common business processes. Pipeline templates enable every user to quickly create the integrations for new, improved workflows and outcomes. No coding required.

Additionally, AutoSuggest eliminates guesswork at pipeline design time by suggesting integrations with up to 90-percent accuracy. Pipeline templates and AI-guided advice reduce new user onboarding time and give users what they need to confidently create pipelines that quickly make an impact on business results.

Start using new integrations and workflows within hours, not weeks or months.

  • Business Process Network
  • Cloud Platforms
  • “Things”
  • Social
  • Mobile Apps
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehouse
  • Subsidiaries
  • On-Premises app & data
  • Business Partners
  • SaaS Applications

Security and
governance you can trust.

SnapLogic platform is built for enterprises and adheres to several security and governance standards that enterprises expect. SnapLogic is deployed in Amazon Web Services and inherently leverages AWS’s powerful security and compliance capabilities. We protect sensitive customer data through a combination of access controls and encryption.

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Our server supports an authentication and privilege model that allows the administrator to grant, limit, or restrict access to components and pipelines. Additionally, the SnapLogic platform is a stateless engine, meaning it does not store runtime or business-related data. Only customer metadata is stored in the SnapLogic platform. We combine these enterprise-class security with high availability. We deliver a 99 percent uptime for maximum operational integrity.

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Unified hybrid application and data landscapes.

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The SnapLogic integration runtime, aka Snaplex, architecture connects data across complex and evolving hybrid enterprise landscapes. Cloudplex, runtime in SnapLogic’s domain, unites cloud applications and databases. While Groundplex, runtime in customer’s domain, liberates on-premises investments from behind firewalls.

One platform: Streaming. Real-time. Batch. Event-driven.

SnapLogic’s document-based JSON and REST-based parallel processing architecture manages real-time streaming data for application and business process integration. Scale high-volume batch integration and aggregation for data lake hydration, data warehousing, and analytics.

Connect to every endpoint: Apps, data, things.

Connecting endpoints is as easy as drag and drop. More than 700 Snaps connect with ERP, CRM, HCM, Hadoop, analytics, identity management, online storage, relational, columnar, and key-value databases and a number of technologies and protocols.