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SnapLogic eXtreme

SnapLogic support for managed big data services

SnapLogic eXtreme takes on big data integrations, letting enterprise business and IT professionals easily process large amounts of data and perform complex transformations – without requiring the specialized skills typically necessary for data integration and management. You can now reduce the time and effort it takes to support business goals and use data as a strategic asset.

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform and eXtreme

Companies now realize that the effort, time, and skills needed to manage their own cloud data lake are rising. By simplifying the data integration process with its easy-to-use visual integration interface, SnapLogic eXtreme lets IT and business professionals:

  • Create data transformations quickly and easily
  • Build and submit powerful Spark data transformations
  • Get faster time-to-value and reduce common errors
  • Perform analytic projects by integrating applications data with other source and leveraging the data lake

SnapLogic eXtreme Reduces Big Data Costs

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Enable a completely managed data architecture in the cloud including integrations (iPaaS), processing (BDaaS) and data storage (SaaS). Realize the benefits of no CapEx, lower your OpEx, and reduce the need for hard-to-find skills to manage big data clusters. SnapLogic eXtreme is built to process very high volumes (peta/exabyte) with high complexity. It also has built-in support for ephemeral, managed big data clusters on Amazon EMR and Azure Databricks.


August 2019 Release: SnapLogic eXtreme Updates


BDaaS Clusters Lifecycle Management

Through the same management interface on the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP), SnapLogic eXtreme enables the lifecycle management of ephemeral or transient BDaaS clusters. A new plex type called the eXtremeplex lets an administrator provide the cluster definition within the environment desired to size clusters – auto-scale a cluster when a spike in demand exceeds the expected capacity. For pipelines that have a more relaxed service level agreement, spin up a cluster using spot instances to reduce your operating costs.


James Markarian on big data and SnapLogic eXtreme


Feature-Rich Support

SnapLogic eXtreme is managed from the unified SnapLogic platform and features support for managed big data services. SnapLogic eXtreme:

  • Processes Peta/Exabyte volumes with high complexity at elastic scale
  • Extends SnapLogic hybrid capabilities into managed big data offerings
  • Manages an ephemeral big data cluster with built-in support
  • Uses SnapLogic’s visual design environment to build Spark jobs without coding
  • Includes Virtual Network support for added security
  • Populates the data lake and Delta Lake in the cloud by leveraging connectors (Snaps) for Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, MongoDB, and others
  • Reads/writes data from and to the cloud data lake and delta lakes using file formats including RCFile, Parquet, ORC, AVRO, SequenceFile, and more
  • Supports a range of computations including data cleansing, analytics, machine learning, as well as conventional ETL
  • Reads/writes data from and to Amazon Redshift
  • Is compatible with AWS EMR and Microsoft Azure Databricks

Data Sheet

Big Data Integration

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Spark Pipelines without Coding

The SnapLogic Designer operationalizes Spark processing frameworks and makes it easy to visually create data pipelines without coding, placing the power of Spark into the hands of business users. Whether tapping Spark or other big data processing frameworks, SnapLogic allows customers to adapt to evolving Modern Enterprise Data Architecture (MEDA) requirements without locking into a specific framework.

Visually Create Data Pipelines Without Coding

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Easing the pain of big data: Modern Enterprise Data Architecture


A Unified Platform for all Data Integration Needs

SnapLogic’s 500+ pre-built, intelligent connectors harness data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources as well as multiple deployment modes. To ensure rich insights, the unified platform integrates data from a variety of endpoints including data warehouse, big data, APIs, applications, and more. With SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, you eliminate the effort and maintenance involved with traditional ETL tools and remove data silos so your entire organization can connect faster.


SnapLogic eXtreme Overview


SnapLogic eXtreme Benefits Summary

Enables a completely managed data architecture in the cloud: integration (iPaaS), processing (BDaaS), and data storage (SaaS)

  • No CapEx, low OpEx, reduces skills gap, increases business flexibility, easy to manage, and elastic

Accelerates time-to-value for big data innovation

  • Focus on creating and discovering business value rather than managing big data clusters
  • Get better/faster return on your big data investments

Provides self-service capabilities for ad hoc Integrators to leverage a big data platform

  • Yields business agility and fast response to business opportunities (no waiting for IT)
  • Achieve low-code/no-code solution

Integrate big data easily with data to/from other sources

  • To fully enrich insights, the SnapLogic unified platform enables easy integration from applications, IoT, data warehouse, and other sources

Easily connect Microsoft Azure HDInsights, AWS EMR, and more

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