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Ultra Pipelines

Turbo-charged integrations that enable real-time, guaranteed data delivery at scale

Some integrations are mission-critical. They require high availability, high throughput, and persistent execution. Using traditional enterprise service bus (ESB) tools for these low-latency data processing jobs is becoming unsustainable for many. SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines give modern enterprises the speed and scalability they need to run their most important integrations.

Cloud-to-cloud Ultra Pipelines
Cloud-to-cloud deployment environment with Ultra Pipelines
Ground-to-ground Ultra Pipelines
Ground-to-ground deployment environment with Ultra Pipelines

Peace of mind for mission-critical integrations

Lag times, glitches, and outages are unacceptable when it comes to certain data delivery processes. Banks, for example, need digital transactions to clear quickly and securely, retailers need their e-commerce sites to process orders in real-time, and identity management providers need to verify people’s credentials instantly. Ultra Pipelines outdo legacy ESB solutions in ensuring fast, reliable data transfer for such mission-critical scenarios.

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SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines: A Modern Alternative to Legacy ESB Technology

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Scalable data processing for real-time analytics

Gain added speed and guaranteed delivery without losing scalability. Ultra Pipelines move data at lightning-fast speeds so you can perform real-time analytics and enable your applications to quickly respond to queries. Ultra Pipelines ensure data arrives at its final destination in an instant, regardless of the volume of data being processed, the variety of endpoints involved, or the complexity of the integration.

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Buses don’t fly: Why the ESB is the wrong approach…

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High speed, low code

Ultra Pipelines rapidly deliver time-sensitive data to cloud and on-premises applications and data stores. Those requesting data – e.g., a consumer placing an order on an e-commerce site – get answers to their requests up to 10x faster than without Ultra Pipelines. Our “always-on, always-active” integrations enable real-time operations while guaranteeing the delivery of critical data. Historically, running low-latency pipelines has been a complex, code-heavy process. Ultra Pipelines provide a simple drag-and-drop alternative that dramatically shortens the time to value without requiring a lot of code.

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SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

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Deploy machine learning-based models without additional hardware and software

Building and training machine learning (ML) models is hard enough. Deploying them is another challenge altogether. Ultra Pipelines make it easy to deploy your models without the need to purchase additional hardware and software. What’s more, Ultra Pipelines keep your training data secure and private by eliminating the need to send data to cloud services for model training. Not having to spin up servers or purchase hardware frees up time for you to spend on getting your ML model ready for production with real-life data. And it lowers your costs to boot.

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Designing Ultra Pipelines

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