Why SnapLogic?

Accelerate your enterprise integration. Accelerate your business.

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud is the industry’s fastest integration platform as a service (iPaaS) on the market today in terms of time to value, ability to handle complex use cases, and high development productivity. A single platform to integrate applications, data, and things, SnapLogic gets you started with a unified, self-service integration experience to connect modern cloud and big data applications seamlessly.

Unified: One Platform to Connect Them All

SnapLogic reduces significant IT costs around support and maintenance with one unified platform – the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud has 450+ prebuilt intelligent connectors, called Snaps, to connect everything from AWS Redshift to Zuora. It enables a streaming architecture that supports real-time, event-based, and low-latency enterprise integration requirements and high volumes, as well as a variety and velocity of big data integration requirements in the same easy-to-use interface. Compare SnapLogic >>

Productive: Self-service Integration for Everyone

SnapLogic empowers citizen integrators across all lines of business and IT developers by delivering a simple browser-based user interface with predictive assistants, powered by machine learning. This interface is not only sophisticated enough to build the most complex of integrations by the seasoned developer but also easy enough for any business leader with no technical experience to build machine-guided integrations for their needs easily. SnapLogic’s mantra is “Click. Not Code.” Compare SnapLogic >>

Modern: Flexible Deployment for Any-sized Enterprise

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud is purpose-built for the cloud, meaning there are no legacy components that prevent the data and application integration service from running at cloud speed. The platform provides a 99-percent uptime and runs on a self-upgrading, elastic execution grid that can scale up or out. We manage the platform for you or it can be managed by you as well across a variety of environments including public/private clouds or on-premises data centers. Compare SnapLogic >>

Artificial Intelligence: For Speed and Quality

Integration Assistant, powered by Iris AI, delivers expert guidance to swiftly build high-quality data pipelines propelling data-driven decision-making at the speed of business. By accelerating pipeline development, Integration Assistant provides pinpoint accurate predictability, while flattening the learning curve for “citizen integrators.” Compare SnapLogic >>


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