Case Study

Achieving Operation Excellence at George Weston Foods

Multiple teams at George Weston Foods (GWF) worked behind the scenes to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points and what they meant to the business. Although these teams used multiple cloud applications to ease their data analysis process, they struggled to get consistent sets of data and reporting. Unfortunately, the results produced varied outcomes, even though everyone used the same sets of data and existing tools to perform analysis.

To help solve their data analyzation woes, GWF selected SnapLogic as their integration platform as a service (iPaaS). With SnapLogic, GWF has dramatically reduced the time needed to build integrations and deliver data to business groups across the company. Benefits they saw include:

  • An increased data delivery speed of 3X
  • Further insights into the health of the business
  • Access to data and report building for 350 users

Download the George Weston Foods case study to learn more.

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