Case Study

Enterprise Finance Team Delivers Business Value and Revives Operational Efficiency With GenAI App Builder

The financial data in CRM and billing systems is often inconsistent with data in final sales contracts. This discrepancy can result in recognition delays and ultimately, unrecovered revenue.

SnapLogic’s finance and accounting teams use data from customer order forms as the source of truth to calculate revenue figures such as annual recurring revenue (ARR) and annual contract value (ACV). However, if there are discrepancies between what’s saved in the original order form PDF and what’s populated in Salesforce, financial reporting could be inaccurate, requiring manual due diligence to correct.

After working with a customer to automate a similar process with GenAI App Builder, SnapLogic embarked on a journey to empower the finance and accounting teams with an application of their own. They would create an app to extract and process contract terms from customer order forms located in Box folders, to populate Salesforce CRM with accurate updates and renewal dates, and to ensure outgoing invoices match order forms.

Hear how SnapLogic’s own Senior Finance Manager, Nicole Houts and the rest of the finance team, built this game-changing GenAI automation

By automating the data reconciliation process and ensuring numbers are the same across the board, the finance department gained immediate benefits, including:

  • 30% faster month-end close process
  • 90% less time manually reviewing contracts
  • 2% revenue (millions of dollars) recouped

Get the case study to learn how to use GenAI App Builder to optimize finance processes.

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