SnapLogic Architect Training

SnapLogic Architect Training

The SnapLogic Architect course covers the key strategies for architecture selection. This course walks you through various Integration reference architectures.

The course contains eight lessons:

  1. SnapLogic Architecture: Learn about SnapLogic architecture and deployment options.
  2. Configuring and Managing a SnapLogic Instance: Learn about the various options and features that can be configured to monitor a SnapLogic instance and enhancing its security.
  3. Understanding Snaplex Requirements: Learn about Snaplexes, their hardware requirements, network requirements, and their configurations.
  4. Managing Pipeline Lifecycle: Learn about Pipeline lifecycle and how you can integrate SnapLogic with other tools/platforms.
  5. Performing Advanced Data Transformations: Learn how to use Expression Libraries and Scripts.
  6. SnapLogic API Management: Understand the concept of APIs and the importance of API Management. Also, identify key challenges for developing an API strategy and building & scaling the digital ecosystem.
  7. Resumable Pipelines: Learn how Resumable Pipelines are fundamentally different in execution than standard Pipelines along with their benefits and features.
  8. Best Practices: Learn common best practices for pipeline design and development, pipeline management, and administration.

For more information on this course, please contact your SnapLogic Account Manager.

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SnapLogic Enterprise Architect, SnapLogic Administrators, SnapLogic Technical Account Manager, and Dev Ops


Virtual instructor-led

LMS Access Duration

4 Weeks

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