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Make a real business impact with meaningful analytics

Gain complete and meaningful business insights to maximize business outcomes. Unearth areas of opportunity for innovation and exponential growth.

Achieve holistic insights with connected data

Analytics are a necessity for enterprises across industries and functions to stay ahead. The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform connects data and analytics from subsidiary on-premises or cloud applications to corporate applications or a central data warehouse. Visualize, analyze and integrate large volumes of data with your big data framework – Spark, Hadoop, Splunk and other analytic solutions.

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Power your business strategy with data-driven analytics

Break down data silos and realize analytics’ full potential across your organization. SnapLogic rapidly integrates data from subsidiary on-premises or cloud applications to corporate applications or a central data warehouse. Connect data from disparate sources with SnapLogic’s click-not-code connectivity for analysis and achieve results faster. SnapLogic supports a variety of applications, including Anaplan, Birst, Google Analytics, Google DFA, Splunk, SumoLogic, Tableau, and more.

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SnapLogic Live: Tableau Integration

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Innovate and optimize business results

Discover new ways to innovate, grow your business, and take action on data-driven insights. SnapLogic’s visual and scalable integration platform makes updating and changing business processes simple, no IT required. Accelerate your organization’s time to value and speed up analytics with data flows spanning from on-premises systems, cloud applications, data warehouses, big data and data lakes.


Competitive advantages of real-time analytics

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“The platform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for teams to perform integrations quickly. And the elastic, scale-out nature of SnapLogic’s modern architecture allows us to handle the increasing variety, volume and velocity of data.”

-CIO, Pure Storage

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