Salesforce Integration Solution

Salesforce Integration Solution

SnapLogic delivers rapid Salesforce data integration with back-office applications such as SAP or Oracle ERP to bring operational discipline to your enterprise. SnapLogic pre-built connectors, called Snaps, and a rich drag-and-drop Designer make integration of Salesforce and other complex endpoints a simple exercise that takes a few days as opposed to months that traditional application and data integration solutions require, whether between Salesforce and on-premises apps, databases and files or between Salesforce and other cloud applications like Workday, ServiceNow, Zuora, Netsuite and others, as well as social data sources.

Learn more about how SnapLogic powers the Salesforce Analytics Cloud here.

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SnapLogic Salesforce Snaps

Customers are adopting Salesforce for customer relationship management and to become customer companies leveraging business agility and workforce mobility. However, the new data (contacts, purchase orders, etc.) that is being generated inside Salesforce needs to percolate across other enterprise systems such as the accounting, inventory and shipping application modules. Without automated end-to-end CRM integration with other applications, Salesforce remains yet another isolated data silo.

SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud helps break down the data silos whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. With a rich drag and drop Designer and 300+ Snaps, Salesforce integration with any other application, big data or relational data source and is a Snap with any other application becomes a breeze. Both cloud integration professionals and citizen integrators are able to deliver rapid integration in days, not months or years.

With SnapLogic for Salesforce, enterprises gain:

  • 10x faster time-to-value
  • 6x lower cost of ownership
  • Business agility that is inline with what SaaS applications promise

SnapLogic Salesforce Integration Snaps

Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.

Go beyond free data loaders and other point-to-point tools – connect Salesforce in a Snap with SnapLogic CRM integration.

Sales Cloud Integration: Ensure sales has a single customer view by enabling instant sync with back-office systems like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Marketing Cloud Integration: Generate, collate and interpret real-time data from all of your marketing channels, including social media, and turn subjective marketing ideas into scientific techniques that produce quantifiable results.

Service Cloud Integration: Ensure customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase the lifetime value of your customers and encourage cross-sales opportunities and referrals with complete visibility across disparate sources and systems.

"With partners such as SnapLogic joining the Analytics Cloud ecosystem, companies can benefit from best practices and industry expertise to extend analytics for every business need, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore and share data instantly, uncover new insights and take action from anywhere."
- SnapLogic Joins New Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem


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