3 key takeaways from SAP Tech Ed

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SAP TechEd in Barcelona was an inspiring event. In case you don’t know about TechEd, it is a conference for SAP’s users so that they can learn more about existing and new SAP product offerings. The conference was a great learning environment and you could see SAP customers were there to learn and SAP team were there to educate.

Here are my three key takeaways from SAP TechEd:

SAP ecosystem is buzzing 

SAP has a comprehensive and complex set of technologies that touch over 77% of all transactional revenue in the world. SAP ERP systems are some of the most complex and comprehensive and it meets the needs of a broad audience. 

SAP has had a very strong partner ecosystem over the years, but there was a renewed focus on being more open and bringing in partners early to make customers more successful using the SAP products.

SAP is making its presence felt in the cloud

SAP is addressing the cloud as the first-class citizen while realizing that many SAP systems are still on-premises. They are making it easy for organizations using SAP to tackle and adopt cloud on their own terms, following their own timetable with seamless connectivity from their cloud offerings to the on-premises based data and applications. 

SAP announced SAP Hana Cloud bringing the power and performance of SAP HANA to the cloud. Using this service, you can now move data up and down the stack seamlessly, from long term data in a data lake, daily data on disk, to most frequently used data in memory. Organizations, as a result, can meet their performance needs while managing their costs for all types of data.

Focus on Data and Analytics

SAP is now leveraging the wealth of data that is stored in its applications to directly empower end-users with better insights. SAP seems determined to capture the mindshare of business users and data analysts that actually create custom reports, analyze data from these dashboards, and generate insights for their business. 

  • SAP announced the general availability of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud which provides AWS Redshift and Snowflake like cloud data warehouse functionality to the SAP ecosystem. Connecting this DW Cloud to the on-premises systems is an integral part of the offering. And by providing a data caching layer between on-premises and the cloud, SAP is providing infrastructure capabilities out-of-the-box that are beyond many IT teams. SAP DW Cloud also makes it easy for citizen analysts to create ‘stories’ (pun intended) from the data to generate meaningful insights for their business without any hassle or impedance.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud is now being embedded in SAP Successfactors and other applications so that users can more effectively manage workforce-related information and create custom reports without any kind of data replication. 

SnapLogic has empowered many of our customers with pre-built connectors to SAP ERP applications, SAP HANA, and SAP Analytics Cloud . Learn more about how we can help you connect to these and newer product offerings such as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud by signing up for a free trial.

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