5 Reports, 1 Leader: SnapLogic Leads the Way for Automation and Integration

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Choosing the right integration platform is incredibly difficult. First, there are so many vendors that do some very similar but different things (over 100 by our last count). And second, picking an underlying platform that can connect every piece of your business and be the cornerstone for your transformation into an automated enterprise carries nearly countless variables one has to weigh: 

“What features are right for you? How much do you empower people outside of IT? Will you pay for features you won’t use?”

The good thing is because the integration vendor landscape is very diverse there are a lot of experts eager to provide counsel and guidance to people looking for a solution. However, the bad thing is, even industry analysts who evaluate hundreds of integration vendors have a difficult time agreeing which platform is the best. And nearly every year, each expert analyst firm issues a new report that recommends wildly different vendors for wildly different reasons:

Some analysts say API Management is more important than ETL. Other analysts say integration vendors should sacrifice security for ease-of-use. And others build their reports without customer’s input, while other reports are built solely by customers’ reviews. 

But we have four analyst firms who regularly publish five credible reports ranking integration vendors: Gartner’s Enterprise iPaaS Magic Quadrant, Forrester’s iPaaS & HIP Wave, Ovum’s HIP Decision Matrix, and both G2Crowd’s iPaaS and Big Data Integration Grid reports.

Taking each report on its own can be helpful but you get a more comprehensive point of view if you read them all together. But reading and parsing each report is lengthy and expensive, so we’ve summarized each report, extracted the main points, and quoted what they say about SnapLogic. And you can read right here

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