An Automated Enterprise with SnapLogic and Rojo

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Zeynep Atakay is the marketing manager at SnapLogic partner Rojo Consultancy, a system integration and data analytics services firm with offices in the Netherlands and Spain.

Every day we’re looking to deliver products and services in an efficient manner while providing better customer experiences. We need to deliver a consistent experience throughout the customer journey so that these customers continue to choose us. At the same time, we want to deliver business results that help the business grow.

Cloud is one of the specific ways to achieve this, as well as being a key area for digital transformation. Studies show that the average organization has hundreds of applications and data sources in use, and the challenge cloud brings is having so many applications, each of them a silo, and making sure they’re all fully integrated. The demand for SaaS applications is so high that traditional integration teams cannot cope with the exploding workload and your IT specialists simply cannot learn all these applications let alone find a way to integrate them.

This is where SnapLogic comes into play with its prebuilt and easy to use Snaps that save you multiple weeks of work to figure out how to integrate all your SaaS applications. As we’re seeing an increase in self-service technologies and a “less IT involvement” trend across businesses, we’re looking for ways to enable business functions that lack technical knowledge, such as marketing, sales or HR, to retrieve the data they need themselves, when and where they need it. Connected data and seamless processes allow full visibility of the different journeys that employees, customers, partners, and products experience, and as a result enable timely decisions and fast actions to be taken based on these journeys. This is what we call enterprise automation.

Order2Cash, a SaaS company operating globally, automates the entire order-to-cash cycle of its customers from credit risk and customer assessment to secure digital contract signing, from e-invoicing to online payments and from cash application through to credit management, collections, and more. The challenge they faced was how to pull out structured data from various ERP sources, get the data on the Order2Cash platform, and based on the data type transfer it to the recipients (finance departments of governmental institutions, suppliers, SMEs, etc.) in a compliant manner.

Rojo Consultancy is a SnapLogic partner with extensive implementation knowledge of the SnapLogic platform. Throughout our partnership, the Rojo team has used that knowledge and platform to support a wide range of customers integrating their diverse applications, data sources, and systems that are common in today’s modern hybrid landscape. One of these customers was Order2Cash, who recently joined our webinar ‘SaaS and ERP Integration with SnapLogic and Rojo’ to tell their story.

Using SnapLogic’s technology and Rojo Consultancy’s knowledge, Order2Cash enables its customers to take a step into the automated enterprise world. With SnapLogic, Rojo created the interfaces that gather business data from different ERP systems and deliver it to the Order2Cash platform. Also using end-to-end monitoring tools, the implemented integration solution is robust and ready for geographical expansion. Now there is a standard solution that Order2Cash proposes to its customers for integrating with their ERP platforms. This speeds up the onboarding time for customers into the Order2Cash platform.

To learn more, watch the recorded webinar featuring SnapLogic, Rojo, and Order2Cash, or request a demo.

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Rojo Consultancy is a system integration and data analytics services firm with offices in the Netherlands and Spain. The company specializes in cloud and on-premises integration, business process orchestration, as well as building exceptional integration cloud connectors and offering managed services, tailored to customer needs. Rojo’s portfolio includes integration and API management services for SnapLogic, SAP, and more. Learn more at

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Former Marketing Manager at Rojo Consultancy, a system integration and data analytics services firm with offices in the Netherlands and Spain.

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