API World recap and self-service integration with AI

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It’s been about a week since I attended API World in San Jose, California to present an hour-long keynote, “Supercharging Self-Service API Integration with AI,” and I wanted to share some of my takeaways from this great conference.

Ravi Dharnikota, Chief Enterprise Architect, presents his keynote, “Supercharging Self-Service API Integration with AI”
Ravi Dharnikota, Chief Enterprise Architect, presents his keynote, “Supercharging Self-Service API Integration with AI”

For those who were unable to attend, I shared SnapLogic’s journey with machine learning (ML), going from API integration to self-healing architectures to autonomous API integration. I talked about the history of our traditional approach to API integration, why we began investing in one of the first ML-based integration assistants we now call Iris AI, and how those two worlds collided to yield our current AI/ML approach today. You can view my slides here.

Supercharging Self-Service API Integration with AI 

We learned a lot of lessons throughout our journey and process and I’m glad we had an opportunity to share them with such a great audience, even though it’s a complex subject. It didn’t help too that the crowd and I experienced some interesting technical difficulties, like another person’s microphone being played on our speakers and us losing stage power towards the end, but I’m glad everyone hung in there!

After the presentation, I was able to shake hands and catch up with a handful of conference attendees. Some shared their current challenges with autonomous integration, others explained where they were in their ML process and asked for guidance, while others just wanted to say hello. All of these personal experiences reinforced the importance and relevance of our work at SnapLogic. Getting to talk to our colleagues at events like these is rewarding in multiple ways. I’m really glad we were given the opportunity to do this – definitely looking forward to next year!

API World in San Jose California via SnapLogic

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