API Integration

Make enterprise API integration easier with a “click-not-code” approach

Build, consume, and maintain up-to-date APIs for enterprise integrations without the complexity of coding and maintenance.

Connect and consume APIs without manual code

SnapLogic provides more than 450 out-of-the-box pre-built connectors to popular applications, databases, analytics solutions, data warehouses, and other products to help speed up your integration initiatives. APIs from these popular technologies are consumed by the pre-built connectors and are available as packaged Snaps.

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Create APIs with connected Snaps

SnapLogic has a strong API creation capability that can trigger the execution of complex pipelines by a REST API. Leveraging the full power of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, the APIs created can shape, combine, and transform data from backend databases, ERP, legacy web services, and cloud applications – and even enrich third-party data. Expose business logic from any pipeline that connects complex backend applications and databases without having to update the API calls with manual code.

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SnapLogic API Integration


Fast time to value for citizen integrators

A citizen integrator using SnapLogic will not have to request additional services for API creation and development. SnapLogic delivers a complete solution for self-service citizen integrators to quickly deliver APIs to support their external and internal digital transformation initiatives, delivering a remarkably fast time to value.


The Business and the Rise of the Citizen Integrator

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Full lifecycle API management

SnapLogic API creation, when combined with Apigee Edge (available on Google Cloud), provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for achieving full lifecycle API management. Apigee Edge manages and controls API consumption quickly, seamlessly, and securely – including API traffic control and monetization, developer management and security, and advanced analytics and threat detection. With a direct connection to Apigee Edge, SnapLogic integrators can make any pipeline task available as an API in Apigee.


May 2018 Release: Apigee Integration

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Open API integration

SnapLogic API creation integrates with any API management platform by using OpenAPI specifications created from SnapLogic projects. The specifications are easily generated into a single, “Swagger” file in SnapLogic that can be downloaded. The REST APIs from all related tasks for the project are imported via this file into any API management platform of choice such as Apigee, Microsoft Azure, 3Scale, CA Technologies’ Layer 7, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kong, Axway, and more.


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Quickly connect and consume APIs without manual code

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