Automation Summit 2020: For Illumina and T. Rowe Price, Modernization Comes First

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At the Automation Summit 2020, I had the pleasure to collaborate with key pioneers in their industry, and learn how they are enabling Enterprise Automation with intelligent integrations and workflows. If you missed our Automation Summit, you can read more about it in this recent blog post from our CMO Dayle Hall.

Now I’d like to double-click on a key takeaway from our Product and Vision tracks: the importance of modernization as a springboard to the era of automation. 

Biotech leader Illumina and global investment firm T. Rowe Price were early to embrace the era of automation but first, they needed to modernize their existing architecture. By modernizing their architecture, they are able to accelerate the automation of business workflows and processes at scale. Additionally, they can re-assess which new systems should be adopted, which existing ones should be retained and maintained, and which ones should be removed altogether as they are no longer needed for the business. By modernizing and automating their technology architecture, these companies are best positioned to meet the dynamic, fast-moving business and customer demands. 

In their sessions, Hema Rangaswamy of Illumina and Jyotsna Sharma of T. Rowe Price shared with their peers the business and technical considerations to be made when modernizing a company. Both automation pioneers underscored the importance of understanding what the business is trying to accomplish before applying any technology or automating a particular business process. Once their modernization initiatives were in full swing, the companies were able to speed up their intelligent integrations and automate their business processes across their organization.

You can watch Illumina and T. Rowe Price’s complete sessions (30 minutes): 

You can also watch other keynotes and sessions from the Automation Summit here

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