SnapLogic is AWS Redshift Ready!

Teresa Dodson
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SnapLogic is making big strides toward growing our business on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a testament to our dedication, we are excited about achieving Amazon Redshift Ready partner certification. As a recognized Amazon Redshift Partner our customers have the added confidence that our application and data integration platform has been certified for integration with Amazon Redshift, the highest designation for an Amazon Redshift partner. 

SnapLogic Accelerates Growth on the AWS Partner Network (APN) 

Achieving the Amazon Redshift Ready designation differentiates SnapLogic as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product integrating with Amazon Redshift and is generally available and fully supported for AWS customers. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success in building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively and at scale.

As we continue to innovate and expand our partnership and increase our footprint on AWS, we are helping hundreds of customers to leverage our pre-packaged Redshift Snaps to integrate, migrate, and move petabytes of data into Amazon Redshift in order to drive better decisions, actions, and outcomes. 

Ready to Unleash Your Data Warehouse? 

To celebrate our Amazon Redshift Ready milestone, this week we launched our integrated marketing campaign to promote our Redshift Ready designation and our dedicated Snaps. At the center of the campaign is a SnapLogic and AWS virtual summit event, Data Warehouse, Unleashed! 

This must-see Summit for 2020, brings together cloud data industry experts to share insights and best practices and features a customer panel with Asana, Kaplan, and SnackNation to discuss how they are using SnapLogic together with Amazon Redshift to drive business value. 

SnapLogic and Amazon Redshift Real World Use Cases 

Asana used to write pipeline code, taking time and resources away from priority projects, but using pre-built Snaps they reduced dev time for a new pipeline by 50%, improving time to value and freeing resources to work on new product development. Using SnapLogic they are Processing millions of records a day to scale our business and increase productivity.

SnackNation, the leading provider of better for you snacks for the home and office is using SnapLogic and Amazon Redshift to increase operational efficiencies through automating customer orders in NetSuite. Moving customer order data into NetSuite for ERP fulfillment was a manual effort but using SnapLogic, what used to take 4 hours a day now takes 10 minutes with no resources required. The automated process also increased customer satisfaction. 

Educational services company, Kaplan, used to build integrations with data virtualization technology and some off-the-shelf products, but they required a lot of time and effort to derive insights. With SnapLogic, Kaplan has been able to achieve its big data initiative by ingesting 150+ applications and improving data delivery by 95%. What used to take 4 weeks now takes 2 days.

A Must-Attend Virtual Summit, ‘Data Warehouse, Unleashed!’

Join the event to hear more about our customer’s success. Hear about key industry trends and from AWS and what’s on the horizon for the next generation of cloud data warehouses.

Be the first to hear about SnapLogic’s new Enterprise Automation release delivering enterprise-wide application and data integration that accelerates the way companies do business. Join to hear the details on orchestrating all of your data pipelines and integrations in one place and more. 

Teresa Dodson
Former Sr. Director, Partner Marketing at SnapLogic

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