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Teresa Dodson
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Moving to the cloud on Amazon Web Services? Why not Supercharge it with an iPaas?! 

Learn the “5 Integration Must-Haves for Data and Analytics Deployments on AWS” from the newly published Constellation Research Report

If you’re in need of low-code, drag-and-drop application integration, data integration, high-scale data engineering or streaming for AWS, the SnapLogic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) may be just what you’re looking for, suggests a new study. Constellation Research recently published their report evaluating SnapLogic’s solution for AWS, particularly for Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3.

The report states that while SnapLogic supports hybrid and multi-cloud integration requirements, “it is particularly well suited to supporting data and analytics integration requirements on Amazon Web Services (AWS).” 

Our Long-Standing Partnership with AWS

Partly because since 2013, SnapLogic has focused on building a close partnership with AWS, amassing a comprehensive library of 14 prebuilt “Snap” connectors, and have designed integrations to be extremely easy to do. While SnapLogic supports hundreds of integrations with applications and data services, it has invested heavily in developing AWS integrations. 

“SnapLogic makes it easy for customers to work with our services, specifically Amazon Redshift,” says Jobin George, senior partner solutions architect at AWS. “They have a low-code/no-code, drag-and-drop approach to configuring data pipelines, so you don’t have to code or be a data-integration expert in order to use it,” cites the report. 

SnapLogic is a long-standing member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has Advanced Tier status, the highest independent software vendor partnership designation. In 2020, the company earned AWS Redshift Ready status, placing among only 30 vendors granted that designation to date. It is also available on the AWS Marketplace and recently announced support for Amazon Redshift console partner integration. 

Innovation in Analytics and Cloud Data Warehousing

Hailed for continual innovation, the report points out that “SnapLogic and AWS have developed joint big data analytics offerings supporting ephemeral and elastic big data clusters. And in 2019, AWS, SnapLogic introduced a quick-start solution for building data lake environments on AWS in as few as 15 minutes via SnapLogic Groundplex servers deployed on AWS in combination with Amazon S3 and Redshift.” 

For AWS customers looking to implement an iPaaS quickly and with fast time-to-value, SnapLogic’s well-established partnership with AWS offers proven value. As outlined in the report, Amazon Redshift customers will find that SnapLogic supports cloud data warehouse integration requirements with: 

  • Fast loading via the SnapLogic Fast Data Loader that enables rapid loading from SaaS applications and cloud and on-prem databases. 
  • Rapid integration with more than a dozen prebuilt Snap connectors for Amazon Redshift that support bulk loading, upsert, and unload operations as well as CRUD functionality.
  • ETL support as SnapLogic can be used for ETL integration on multiple data platforms via prebuilt Snaps and the ability to select and integrate SnapLogic directly from the Amazon Redshift console. 
  • Lineage and governance with SnapLogic’s end-to-end metadata tracking and end-to-end visibility.
  • BI and analytic updates via a long list of Snaps for BI and analytics platforms such as Anaplan, Domo, Looker, Power BI, and Amazon QuickSight.
  • Data lakes and big data analytics powered by high-scale and high-performance integration options and prebuilt connectors for Amazon S3.

Constellation concludes: “SnapLogic addresses the full scope of Constellation’s iPaaS market definition and the latest trends, including the introduction of AI-augmented capabilities via its Iris recommendation engine. Iris suggests the next most likely steps in an integration flow as users design pipelines. These recommendations are based on ML-recognized integration design patterns. SnapLogic was among the first to bring AI capabilities to iPaaS in 2017, and it has continued to expand ML- and natural-language-based capabilities.” 

Download the report for Constellation’s complete analysis on SnapLogic including use cases, case stories, and cost analysis, and Supercharge your cloud data warehouse today!

Supercharge your AWS Cloud Data Warehouse

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