Achieve better customer visibility through data insight with SnapLogic and Reltio

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Many enterprises seek better visibility and overall insights on data stored within their organization. Getting this level of visibility is the single most difficult task to achieve amongst companies with data in disparate systems. More than ever, executives demand data consistency, integration, and sharing capabilities to drive better decision making.

SnapLogic enables customers to seamlessly integrate various applications data with Reltio’s Master Data Management (MDM) solution to ensure higher consistency and quality of data. Now, enterprises can look at this valuable data and call for appropriate action.

Reltio provides a central data hub for global and cross-system master data orchestration by providing a cloud MDM solution. It is a unified common data view and one-stop shop for creating intelligence to gain better insights.

With more organizations moving to the cloud due to digital transformation initiatives, it becomes critical to embrace cloud technologies to make things happen faster, and achieve quicker time to market. SnapLogic and Reltio are both built for the cloud and together can enable better data sharing, insight, and governance across organizations to address various use cases such as:

Customer Relationship Management/Customer Experience

  • Visibility into the customer journey – for targeted offers and promotions
  • A complete view of customer data or customer 360 – to uncover business opportunities

Human Capital Management

  • Talent acquisition – to better serve the organization by hiring the right skill sets
  • Onboarding processes – when integrating multiple systems are needed

Finance and M&A

  • Account 360 – to help monitor the health of customer
  • Summary of sales or bookings – for access across the organization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – to help achieve data consistency between a parent company and its subsidiaries

With the SnapLogic February 2018 (4.12) release, the enhanced Reltio Snap Pack supports more advanced and complex operations, and includes the following new Snaps:

  • Reltio Bulk Export: This Snap lets you extract objects (entities or relation) and store them in S3. Users can later run queries on top for advanced analytics.
  • Reltio Create: This Snap enables you to write data into existing objects such as Entities, Relations, Interactions, or Categories. Mapper needs to be used as an upstream Snap to generate the schema and to create records for a specific object chosen.
  • Reltio Delete (Object): This Snap lets you delete single record or multiple records based on the objects (Entities, Relations, or Categories) chosen.
  • Reltio Delete (URI): This Snap allows you to delete single record or multiple records for the respective objects (Entities, Relations, or Categories) based on the URI chosen.
  • Reltio Merge: This Snap merges an object’s data based on based on the entity or identifier chosen.
  • Reltio Read (Crosswalk): This Snap reads records associated with the object.
  • Reltio Read (Object): This Snap reads records associated with the object, type, and ID.
  • Reltio Unmerge: This Snap is used to unmerge the merged Reltio objects (only Entities).
  • Reltio Update: This Snap is used to update records associated with related Objects (Entities or Categories).


Use the enhanced Reltio Snap Pack through SnapLogic’s Designer

Unifying customer data use case:

The sample pipeline shown below helps achieve data consistency on customer names and their location with SnapLogic and Reltio integration. Customer information is read from a flat file, then a mapper is used to select customer names and their locations, and finally, the Reltio Create Snap is used to create customer records in Reltio. The Reltio Read Snap can be used to read those new records for that specific object. The batch size can be tuned based on the number of records a user would like to insert into Reltio at the same time.

Other applications, such as Salesforce can now be integrated to directly fetch information from Reltio rather than needing to create a duplicate record.

Marketing targeting and promotions use case:

SnapLogic and Reltio empower organizations to extend targeted offers or promotions to their customers. By consolidating customer feedback from social media, organizations can now take the next best action on their customers’ sentiments on products they have purchased and intents on purchasing products. As a result, organizations can increase their customers’ lifetime value and also improve overall customer satisfaction.

In the pipeline above, tweets are received using Amazon SQS (simple queuing service) and consumed into Reltio to analyze user behavior or buying patterns.

Enabling organizations with the right set of data at the right time is imperative to making the right business decisions. SnapLogic – the leading enterprise integration cloud platform arms these organizations with intelligent Reltio Snaps and over 450 Snaps to help achieve better customer visibility with the right set of data. Achieving “Time to Value” has never been this efficient.

Interested in more details? Watch the Reltio Demo here.

For a complete list of features and functionality in our most recent release, please see the February 2018 release notes. 

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