Big Data Management: What’s New, What’s Different, and What You Need to Know

SnapLogic big data webinar

The world of data is constantly changing. New innovations and challenges are created every day, and industries must be able to keep up. But how do we do that? Data is predictive – only a certain handful of experts can rise up to the challenge to stay in the loop. How does one ensure their preparedness in an ever-changing world of data?

Join us for an interactive webinar with 451 Research Director for Data Platforms and Analytics, Matt Aslett.

Matt Aslett Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics
Matt Aslett
Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics

In this webinar, Matt will review the big data landscape, how the data lake complements and competes with the data warehouse, and key takeaways as you move from big data test and development environments to production. He will lay out exactly what is new, what is different, and what you need to know for Big Data Management. Our team of hybrid cloud and big data integration experts will also be joining to provide a live demo during the session.

Matt explained his main concern of the IT ecosystem in our press release about the webinar, and why big data management is crucial for the future.

“The total data market is projected to reach $132 billion by 2020. But with this growth comes confusion and complexity as enterprises seek to manage and derive insight from their data. Learning 20 different databases to handle 20 different types of data – this is simply impractical.”

In the meantime, learn more about big data on our website. There you can find resources, including case studies, demos, and whitepapers, illustrating how customers use SnapLogic to integrate big data sources like Spark and Hadoop with the rest of their enterprise apps and IT infrastructures. You can also view the slides used in the presentation on our SlideShare page.

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