Big Data or Big Downer? New Big Data Maturity Model Survey

The headline writers had a field day recently as Gartner poured cold water on Hadoop’s party with pessimistic adoption survey. It’s not to say Hadoop isn’t happening, but according to Gartner, the pace of production deployments is not keeping up to the hype. Check some of the headlines:

In our big data integration infographic earlier this year, we found similar results: Enterprise IT Uncertainty Around Big Data Initiatives in 2015.

The bottom line in the Gartner survey is that “the skills gaps continue to be a major adoption inhibitor for 57 percent of respondents, while figuring out how to get value from Hadoop was cited by 49 percent of respondents.” When it comes to big data integration, at SnapLogic we believe there’s a need for “Hadoop for Humans” in the big data maturity model – technologies that will accelerate adoption and value, without having to hire an army of programmers to wire things up with code. I recently wrote about the different expectations of the data warehousing traditionalists and the Hadoop-centric crowd at big data conferences in this post: The Data Lake: Half Empty or Half Full? A slide presented at Gartner’s recent Business Intelligence Summit explored the persona distinctions this way: “Suits vs. Hoodies.”

So while the promise of Hadoop (and other big data technologies) is clear, is the reality different in your organization? We wanted to go beyond Gartner’s 284 Research Circle member respondents and get a broader view of the enterprise reality. We’ve partnered with leading technology solution providers in the industry to develop a Hadoop Big Data Maturity Model. The goal, according to my friend Bruno Aziza who is a self-proclaimed Data Nerd, is to get “a true picture of the “State of the Hadoop Nation.”

large_Hadoop_summit_2015_surveyHere’s how it works: Take 5 mins right now to complete the survey here. (NOTE: survey has been closed) Upon survey completion, you will:

  • Receive a score along the Hadoop Maturity Adoption curve
  • Be emailed a complimentary copy of the survey’s aggregated results (so you can benchmark your company’s position by industry, geography, etc.

Your responses will remain confidential and will be used only to construct the aggregated results. Click here to take the survey now. In a few weeks, you will also get a copy of the survey results, which will allow you to assess your Hadoop big data maturity model relative to other organizations in your industry.

We’ll be sharing some of the survey results at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose in June. The SnapLogic Team will be there and look forward to seeing you there. More details here.

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