Is a cloud data warehouse right for you?

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Since 2013, the number of companies using the cloud for data warehousing or BI projects has increased nearly 50 percent, according to a recent survey by Eckerson Group and the Business Application Research Center (BARC). Knowing this, it becomes clear that – thanks to the cloud – traditional ways of storing, analyzing, and utilizing data are becoming obsolete.

Many organizations are moving to cloud data warehousing because of the numerous benefits:

Speed: One of the huge advantages of the cloud is the speed of deployment. Business units don’t have to wait for procurement, legal, the project management office (PMO), and the IT department before deploying a data warehouse

Subscription: Utilizing the cloud means that an organization can pay for the data warehouse from its operation budget.

Agile: The cloud is infinitely scalable and equally elastic.

Experiments: The cloud is a great place for quick-hit projects. Such as using the cloud to create test environments.

Even among the many advantages, the cloud also presents a lot of challenges. But by answering the right questions, organizations can ensure a smooth transition into the cloud.

Download the Eckerson Group’s white paper: “Is a Cloud Data Warehouse Right for You?” and find out the pros and cons of the cloud, as well as questions organizations should be answering before migrating data to the cloud.

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