Sharing Best Practices on the SnapLogic Cloud Integration Community

A few weeks ago, Rishabh Mehan wrote about the new SnapLogic Community – for Developers By Developers. The initial goal of the community was focused on API development and custom Snap building for customers and partners. The site has expanded and we’re starting to see some great participation. Here’s a brief summary: You can now access all of our documentation, Elastic Integration Platform and Snap Development: SnapLogic_Documentation You can now download an on-premises Snaplex (known as a “Groundplex”), the Java SDK, public Snap Packs and installers for Mac, Linux and Windows. SnapLogic_Installers The Community forum for asking questions and sharing best practices has expanded dramatically. You can now select a category and post your question or answer to the forum. SnapLogic_Community_Categories The SnapLogic team has started using the tag: didyouknow when posting tips and tricks. Here are some examples:

  • Which is the most used Snap?
  • How do you remove white spaces from a string?
  • If I can?t use pipeline parameters directly in my SQL select statement, how do I do it?
  • Can you comment on the suitability for using Snaplogic for moving (not transforming) large binary (100s MB or GB) files using FTP?
  • If I can?t use pipeline parameters directly in my SQL select statement, how do I do it?

In your questions (and answers) you can now add screenshots, documents and formatting to ensure it’s clear and detailed. SnapLogic_answers To help us (and others) know what’s most important, you can vote up and down questions and answers: SnapLogic_Community_VotingThe team is adding features to the SnapLogic Developer Community every day and we’re excited to see our customers and partners joining the discussion.  As we continue to see more and more Citizen Integrators logging into our cloud integration service, we’re looking forward to with you. Simply login to with your SnapLogic username and password.

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