Don’t Let Cloud Be Another Silo: Accelerate Your AWS data integration

Gone are the days when enterprises had all of their apps and data sources on-premises. Today is the era of big data, cloud and hybrid deployments. More and more enterprises are rapidly adopting different SaaS applications and hosting their solutions in public clouds including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. But soon enterprises realize that their SaaS applications and on-premises data sources are not integrated with their public cloud footprint and the integration itself becomes an expensive and time consuming undertaking.

Don’t let your legacy apps and data sources slow your move to cloud (as we here at SnapLogic say, “Don’t let your legacy integration solution be your legacy!”). SnapLogic has helped several customers accelerate their AWS integration with our Elastic Integration Platform, which provides several Snaps to integrate with Amazon Redshift, S3, DynamoDB and SQS.

In this demo, we show how using SnapLogic’s drag and drop based designer, you can easily integrate multiple data sources and apps (both on-premises and cloud based) with Amazon Redshift, S3, DynamoDB and SQS. In less than five minutes, you will see how to ingest data from sources multiple sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Server and Salesforce, transform the data and put it in Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3.

For more information, please refer to SnapLogic AWS integration.

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