Fall is Here, and So is Our Fall 2016 Release!

Fall is the time to move your clocks back, get a pumpkin latte and slow down with the approaching cold weather. But not for SnapLogic! We continue to deliver system integration solutions with full force. After our Summer 201fall-2016-graphic6 release, which was feature-packed, the Fall 2016 release takes the SnapLogic platform to a whole new level by extending support for Teradata, introducing new Snap Packs for Snowflake and Azure Data Lake Store, adding more capabilities to Spark mode, and delivering several enhancements for security, performance and governance. As our VP of engineering, Vaikom Krishnan, aptly said, “We continue to make it easier and faster for organizations to connect any and all data sources – whether on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.”

Some of the highlights of the Fall 2016 release include the following:

  • Extended Support for Teradata including Teradata TPT FastExport and Teradata FastLoad Snaps, in addition to the standard CRUD (create, read, update and delete) functionality.
  • A New Snap Pack that provides comprehensive support for Snowflake.
  • As Microsoft Azure builds new services, we continue to add support for them. The Fall 2016 release introduces support for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store: HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) solution for Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Continued additions to our Big Data Integration. Added more data endpoints to Spark mode including Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.
  • Introducing a Snap to easily bulk load data to MySQL databases.
  • Several security and performance updates including AWS IAM support, Kerberos support for Hive Snap Pack and MongoDB LDAP authentication.

With continued additions to our 400+ Snaps, cloud native architecture and (drag and drop based) self-service model, SnapLogic is truly the best iPaaS solution in the market!

For more information on the Fall 2016 release, including demo videos, see: www.snaplogic.com/fall2016

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