Faster, Easier App and Data Integration with SnapLogic

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In my role on the Commercial Accounts Team at SnapLogic, I have the good fortune of being able to meet with organizations from all over the world, each and every day, to help them solve their most pressing integration and automation challenges. 

Over the years, I found I was hearing the same set of questions from these companies, so I thought it might be useful to answer them in a short video, so others may benefit as well.

In the video below, I address these top questions I regularly hear from organizations:

  • Tell me about SnapLogic. How is your product different?
  • Where does SnapLogic fit in my organization? Can you address all my integration use-cases?
  • What about SnapLogic’s architecture and deployment options?
  • What other organizations has SnapLogic successfully worked with to solve complex enterprise integration challenges?

No matter what you call it – automation, application integration, data integration, iPaaS, enterprise service bus, streaming data, ETL, or ELT – SnapLogic is the only solution to automate all your internal and customer-facing business processes at scale, without writing code or breaking the bank. Connect to anything, anytime, and anywhere with 500 prebuilt Snaps, which enable thousands of ready-to-go, out-of-the-box connections that come standard with the platform, all via a single, intuitive interface.   

Former Commercial Account Executive at SnapLogic

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